Replace Vetruvian Deck


I just put this deck together, it obviously relies on replace synergies, along with me adding Shrikes, Scarabs and Ankhs to make up for the reach lost after the Siphon nerf, while Widowmaker can also serve to ping threats to death. All I want you guys to do is yell at me and tell me how garbage this deck is and what to change about it.

Replace Decks for the Aspiring Memer With a Big Wallet

no dreamgazers? i admit its a bad card, but i always see dreamgazers in dedicated replace decks.

no wings of paradise? its cheaper than wind shrike and hits harder, but it doesnt have the draw.


That went from optimistic to downright masochistic real quick xD

As for reach, I’ve been trying to tech in saberspine tigers nd silhouette tracers with some wildfire ankh(which I previously did not run). Are they effective enough to compensate for siphon? not even close.


Yeah, but nothing will ever quite compensate for siphon. I’m still absolutely furious at CPG for that, like red-faced, hyperventilating mad. This ticked me off worse than the Shimmy Orb scandal. Haven’t played a game with the deck yet, too scared. For now, I’ll stick with my Crankyhai, Zendo and Cyclone mask lethals. At least I won’t feel bad about beating Vetruvian in Diamond, because, you know, there aren’t any. (THAT ONE WAS FOR YOU DEVS).


XD I only managed to muster enough courage for one match yesterday against an abyssian. I won, fortunately enough xD.

But I posted a comment elsewhere, what do you think if third wish reworked to 2mana, give a minion blast this turn and +1 +1, draw a card at the end of your turn. I just thought first wish costed 1 and giving a minion temporary blast for 1 mana was justifiable, what do you think?


Saw your response on the other thread, thanks for the support xD


I just replied to your post on another thread, that should answer that xD
As for the match, congrats!
I lost to a 15/15 wraithling against Swarmbyssian because I had to overextended to shroud a BMPriestess, why, might you ask? Because there’s a certain spell that was made for those situations and then nerfed to oblivion.


Nerfed for no apparent reason* !


Oddly enough, I managed to climb to diamond with vet yesterday (was gold 6) due to facing a lot of other vets and having more obelysks than them xD

There was also this match against a magmar in which I triple aymara-ed to get the win (super close match).

I gotta say, obelisks feel a lot more powerful now with people not dispelling them to save their shrouds for bigger threats


Congratulations, be warned however that it’s diamond now and you will lose to every 4WM in a corner, and that’s going to happen incredibly often.


I know I will, happened in gold to. Also, f**k BloodMoon


yeah, and then theres the shadowdancers


I had to craft three lightbenders just to deal with full arcanyst spellhai


Funny how vet players are now “forced” to play structure/ dervish decks… Feelsbadman
Tried playing in S-rank today. Guess what happened to every single faction that saw a vetruvian? They walk back and summon a minion behind them. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. An abyssian that had double Rot9m, i needed to chain summon a shroud for it cause of their turn 1 abyssal crawler + sphere of darkness. And then he summoned a second rot9m, amazing. I did won against a songhai tho, noted that throughout the entire game he did the same, summoning stuff behind them. Again and again. Fortunately enough I was able to grab hold of the board before more damage to my face was done.


This. This is why it’s so stupid. Lyonar is a more in your face faction yet get to have a 2 mana 2x2 dispel.


Thanks for the yelling xD. As for Vanar. No. I refuse to play Vanar.


No point whining now, Im just trying to cover up the hole left by that nerf lols tried a few games in S-rank. Aint as bad if you have the board. But people keep playing their stuff as far away as possible the moment they see you play vet. And you have the just chain summon or spend a loooooot of resources to remove their stuff. Died to double rot9m just now, fun.


Yeah, that’s why I put so much extra reach in the deck. There might be some merit to artifact based decks rarely requiring to use dispel while being able to use ankhs for distant removal. It’s the reason I included ankhs and chose Sajj because I realized the reach might be a ton of help. After all, it cleanly kills 4WM, SD, BMPriestess but doesn’t quite get rid of Kelaino.


And I whine cause it makes me feel a bit better. I don’t wanna try the replace deck just yet because I don’t want to put myself at an automatic disadvantage whIle trying to climb to S. So for now, I’m laddering with Crankyhai. If I either reach S or it gets too late for me to be able to make it in time, I’ll give the deck a few games.


Yep, Kelaino is still a problem. My current list has tracers and ankhs. I tried pyromancer, that guy really isnt doing wonders and I end up cutting him out. Now My list consists of all the reach you can name. Rasha, tiger, ankh, tracers and shroud (still better than siphon, now it joins the ranks of the other vetruvian spells for being unplayable).