Replace-truvian Deck Help


Just made this deck for the heck of it, seriously just to have fun and even managed to win a ladder game (it was gold though)

If I for some reason wanted to make this semi-competitive, what should I change?

Replace Decks for the Aspiring Memer With a Big Wallet

You forgot to add dream gazer and astral crusader for maximum meme replacing.


I think sojourner is better than spelljammer in a deck like this, because the curve is quite high and the deck is not very aggressive. I’m not a big fan of Wildfire Ankh, I feel like you need your general on the front line to keep your Widows safe. Without Ankh, Zirix might be better than Sajj. You can add cards like Entropic Decay, Inner Oasis or Wings of Paradise to replace Ankh. Most of this points are personal preferences though, the problem with replace decks is that they don’t work when you don’t draw Aethermaster.