Replace meld - replacing cards never felt so good


Not sure if anyone has made such a deck but it sure is cheesy.
Basically the main game is to meld Replacermasters and get immense value from ensuing Widows or Krons.
Ancient divination is in there because i need card draw(not spells) and kron can be a good free minion generator.
Deathstrike for widow and heartseeker which survived.
Chakri, KE and xho because that is the best i could use for now.

Have not tested it extensively yet, there are other cards i am considering to add:

  1. Royal Panddo combos with DS
  2. Loremaster to copy melds casted on Replacermaters/Cakri
  3. Tusk boars, i actually tried this a bit with some Saberspine seals and Abjudicator but often time i couldn’t decide which path to take in-game, aim for OTK or try to get widows out.
  4. Astral crusader to make replacing even more value-added?

Well that’s about it for now. Appreciate any further ideas for this Replacermaster deck and if you decide to test it do tell me how did it went for you.


I’ve actually been running something similar, only including the Baconator core combo so there’s a surprise waiting at the end. Nothing like watching someone struggle to keep up with a bunch of White Widows and Inquisitor Krons swinging massive tempo, not realizing the whole time that you’re quietly Replacing into a 18-point burstdown. XD


do you use abjudicators?


Nope, there’s no space. Just Boar+Edge+Seal+Meld. Most everything else is focused on either the Replace combo (Aethermaster+Widow+Kron) or your basic Songhai removal suite (Phoenix+Fox+other Seal).