"Replace" deck idea


Ok, let’s be clear, I don’t like Lyonar because I found it less versatile than others :confused:
I’m probably wrong, but Lyonar efficient decks are more or less all the same (move foward, shit a Slo, HolyImmo, DB your Tombstone/Ironcliff etc, you got the point).

Long story short, I’d like to find a fresh way to play Lyonar. My starting point is below

  • Protect your asset : Widow + Aegis Barrier
  • Standard board cleaning : Widow + Aether
  • Card draw : Widow + LionheartBlessing

But what next ? Krons ?
Usual Ironcliff+DB as wincon ?

I’m lost here and would be happy to have some advices and feedback, hard for me to think out of the box when it comes to Lyonar :frowning:

Maybe it’s not the best faction to go and other may provide better synergies ? (Songhai Deathstrike Seal on Widow ?)


well, should probably add the standard lion+adept for 2 drops and silverguard for provoke as a starting point.

your gonna need more draw than lionheart since that only gives it zeal:draw and that forces your general to babysit the widow. maybe lkian? since if you get a card you dont like you can just replace.

holy immolation is a must


I tried this deck before, didnt work out well :frowning: hard to keep Aether alive and get such full combination. Krons is a synergy, of course, you can also add Astral Crusader to have more fun. At late game, it would probably only cost 4-5 with a huge body, and your opponent has already used all of his removals, it’d be useful.


Memeshock, prismatic illusionist, owlbeast sage, firestarter? Might as well add magnetize, ironcliffe heart, divine bond?


While you are already running a cycle-heavy shell, could you fit a combo in this deck? I don’t know what good combos Lyonar has, but Ironcliff Heart + Divine Bond sounds tempting.


The more I think about it and the more I realize I don’t like Lyonar, no matter how “creative” I try to make it, it lacks efficiency and speed and you always end up with the usual 2 drops, HolySlo, DBed stuff etc.

Let’s call it a day, this thread as no future :wink:


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