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Replace Bug - Is this being addressed?



The issue is that the card replaced in any replace action is being redrawn on the next draw or replace (ie, not the immediately replaced card, but the next card in hand) far more often than is statistically likely.

Operating System:

Observed in all.

System Specs:

Different systems.

Game Client:

Steam and Chrome, possibly also standalone.


Bug Report Details

Replace cards and observe draws.


Hi Captain, there is no bug with our replace system, you are not weighted towards drawing cards you have previously replaced.


It doesn’t happen every game but it has happened enough repeatedly in several games to be statistically highly improbable.

What form would evidence of this take to convince you it was an actual issue?


Any follow up on this. I am happy to capture the data to convince this exists if directed.


I was going to post a bug report exactly like this one as well.

I am pretty convinced there’s something weird going on with the random number generator and yes I know all about confirmation bias etc. etc.


No point spending any effort on it if the developers don’t seem receptive to even the idea there might be some problematic areas.