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Reoccurring extreme lag



after the 4/25/2016 (day of patch 63 I think) some extreme lag started occurring in almost every game that I played . I lose a lot of games because of this lag . I tried fixing it by wiping almost EVERYTHING on my computer (didnt even backup all files , cause i wanted to be sure that those arent the cause of the lag) but It still lagged D:

My laptop is a pretty shitty 100$ one . but if it once played this game on full Fps . I believe it still can .

Operating System:

Windows 10

System Specs:

4 GB ram

Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. open duelyst
  2. go on either a normal game/on WATCH/replays
  3. play/start the game
  4. somewhere in the middle of the game the lag happens
  5. lasts for somewhere 10+ seconds
  6. sometimes stops
    7.sometimes happens in the game multiple times


Is it FPS lag or network lag? WATCH section does not have network activity so must be FPS lag?


yeah , its lag . frame rate goes poop in the middle of the game
and then magically comes back and goes poop again after a time


Have yo updated drivers / set dedicated GPU mode:


i already did that . but i will try it another time . maybe i did something wrong


tried both out . didnt work D:
I really want to play the game tho. what can I do?


We have a performance optimization patch coming on the 15th (I think). It should improve performance by 10-30%. Hope you can hold out if nothing else works in the mean time :slight_smile:


At least I haves a little peace of hope now :smiley:


last patch fixed it :DDD . it probably was because my account is created since closed beta