Renewing an old favorite deck


Hello guys, it’s deck-sharing time! After the ROTB expansion, I had trouble finding a deck that I was completely comfortable playing. So, I went back to my roots, and created this deck to help me get over the hurdle that came with the newest expansion. I give you “Super Vaath Reborn”. It’s ‘reborn’ because I used a deck very similar to this one during the days of Shim’Zar. This is the new version, modified for this current meta, with more smashing than ever before! To compare, here’s the old list.

I’ll go over my reasoning for the substitutions I made:

What was added:

Drogon: I think this minion is less situational than Bounded Lifeforce. I also get a decent body for the mana cost. This helps me deal with minions with large health stats if I don’t have other removal options in-hand, or if I would want to preserve other removal options for later. It’s also nice to know that I can use its ability while still being high on health. Bounded Lifeforce limits my health significantly, so I had to use it to win on the spot. Drogon plays that same role, but can serve other purposes, and if there’s anything a control deck likes, it’s versatility in its cards.

Meltdown: Having a win condition that threatens the opponent from afar is incredibly powerful for any deck. And this minion’s reliability is much greater in a deck that specializes in board-clearing. Most times I’ve played Meltdown, there wasn’t more than 1 minion on my opponent’s board. With plenty of large, high-value minions in the deck, it’s possible that your opponent will have expended their resources on minions earlier in the game, which paves the way for this monstrosity.

What was removed:

Silhouette Tracer: Something I truly wanted, but I wasn’t put in too many positions where it would be useful. I now have a lategame win con that threatens from afar, so it’s not as concerning to me.

Adamantite Claws: Not enough minions with high health in this meta to make use of this card. There are also plenty of ways to pick artifacts off in this meta, so this card doesn’t get as much value anymore. I still like Iridium Scale because I usually only need it for the turn on which I equip it, so value is attained before it’s picked off. And there are still plenty of decks which love to swarm, so I can get some good clearing with the scale. People don’t play around it, at least before the 6-mana turns when a certain other source of frenzy can come out to play.

Bounded Lifeforce: In short, we have Drogon now. It leaves a body, can be played for a lower cost, and can be used even if I have a lot of health whereas Bounded Lifeforce leaves me with 10 health. I just think that Drogon is more flexible.

Good Matchups:

Tempo Argeon
Healing Zir’an
Obelysk Zirix
Artifact Sajj
Aggro Reva
Spearhai Reva
Aggro Faie
Control Faie

Bad Matchups:
Backstab Kaleos
Obliterate Cassyva
Variax Lilitthe

Drawmar Stahorn
Burnmar Vaath
Midrange Argeon

(If I missed any decks, you’re free to ask me how the matchup would be)

And with that, our deck review, or I guess deck update, comes to a close. Feel free to leave thoughts on the deck down below. I love hearing what you all have to say. If there are questions that weren’t answered, I’ll be happy to answer them. If you want to use this deck, then go for it. I hope you smash someone’s face (as long as it’s not mine :laughing:)


Cool deck, I really like Meltdown in Magmar, it gives you that lategame long range option to finish your opponent, also Groovy Lion is sooooo fabulous.
I understand why you removed claws but you shouldn’t use claws as a removal tbh. The best way to use them is to play them on empty board and smorc.


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