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Part 3: Why I don’t need statistical data

see previous post. i was pointing out how you have misleading presumptions on how people behave. I only needed to point out where you made your mistakes

I’m sorry your decades of gaming made you think that “salty scrub” is the only type of player. if you actually played CCGs, maybe you’d learn of Timmys Jhonnys and Spikes.

tadaaaa your lack of a poll makes this pretty bad. you know what’s worse? you can’t even narrow that poll down to people interested in playing CCG
Part 4: You’re just running your mouth off and it shows. just look at this part where you’re rambling about matchmaking.

Strawman. Look it up. Did i ever say anything about matchmaking?
and hey, while we’re at it, did it not occur to you that the matchmaking and ladder system of duelyst is a “feel-good” one? you never drop out of silver. you never drop out of diamond. you never drop out of S rank. you’re encouraged to experiment via the faction quests. and equally, you’re encouraged to challenge yourself and climb the ranks. it’s designed to make you feel good because you know you’re higher than bronze or silver the moment the next season hits.
Part 5: more of your rambling

ad hominem attack. if your way of winning arguments is to make assumptions about the opposition and use it to discredit them, then the only thing you’re achieving is 1) showing people how much of an asshole you are 2) embarrassing yourself. you don’t know me, and you can’t claim that i live in some duelyst bubble just because you can’t comprehend some of duelyst design choices, and truly understand what’s so good and bad about them. here’s a little secret though: I’ve been playing for quite some time too, but i don’t embarrass myself by bragging about my “GLORIOUS DECADES OF GAMING AND SPORT”, or brand myself as some specialist on “THE VERY PSYCHE OF THE EVERYMAN”. i’m saying the way you establish your credibility is both cringey and fails to establish your credibility at all

duelyst is an online CCG and the strategies can only vary so much, and mechanical skill does not matter. one guy literally just reached top 1 by cheesing a decktype people weren’t quite used to. There is only so many significantly different iterations of the matches you can play in this game, especially when you subscribe to a specific set of playstyles. have you heard of casual games boi
and yes, it can be a competitive game when the need or demand for it arises (diamond climbing, S rank, tournaments), but you know what else can? Fucking Rock Paper Scissors.


You are badly mistaken Ribbons does not equal = Extreme Skill. All Ribbons means is ability win more games than you generally lose. If I play 10 games I am going to win at least 5 or 6. Ribbons doesn’t show how many games you lose meaning you can play 200 games you will have 100 losses but hey you got a ribbon. Ribbons means you aren’t playing against Scrub that a doesn’t mean they are professional.

Unfortunately Duelyst never added the badge that noobs should be a scared of.Which would have been a Srank badge that show the amount of times players made S-rank. That is indicator of you might be stomped but Duelyst doesn’t have that. They are people with multiple ribbons who don’t make Srank.Your example is dead wrong people who make consistently Srank are semi pro, People who make consistently top 25 S-rank list are pro level.

A little bit of history the first time Duelyst unranked got taken away it was because of new players where being match up against Vets unranked mode this was at time when Duelyst didn’t have ribbons. Hiding the ribbons doesn’t mean anything you when you getting your butt kicked by a vet.

In reality you are just creating more frustrating scenario by hiding the ribbons,Instead of new player understanding they are losing to more experienced player. They have utter frustration of getting blown out in matches and thinking that person they are playing is in the same experience group as them. Using your example is it like enter 10 cooking competitions as beginner and losing but instead feeling good about yourself competing you just feel bad. Why do you should you feel good because in the competition because they were intermediate chefs and you were a beginner.

Lastly You think you are helping but ribbons give new players the option of quitting and save their time. You see a bunch of ribbons,You play couple turns see that is cheesy build. Quit and your save time and move on. Yeah experience player with Saurian finiaity Vaath or Firestorm Mantra. Okay let me just quit


Final words:

this. if you actually have been as engaged in this game and the community as you claim to be, @ssrrts , you’d have been told this a very long time ago, or would have figured this out by yourself.

I would even argue that ribbons are a great because they do a really good job in setting up the tension for your battles. when you see your opponent playing with the factions he has the most ribbons of, you’d know he’s not fucking around, and you have to prepare yourself. Seeing what factions they main says so much already. It makes the game feel real by telling a little about your opponent. it reminds you that you’re going into combat with a human being.

This is what happens when you try to fix what isn’t broken


This. People I know who quit this game early always say this. Just take a look at steam reviews. Its always “you cant win against ribbon people with full collections”. And it doesnt matter how many times I tell them that budget options can make it to S and that ribbons dont equate skills.


What happened to new players ?
Their balls got detached and thrown away ?
I got into diamond my very First season.
This is a almost constant topic of my streams, new players who want to get in S-Rank without facing challenges.
These are the same ppl who got an award for placing 15th in whatever they did.
We’re telling children they’re are good and special no matter what level they archieve, no Surprise they grow up thinking they deserve a prize without sweating for It.
We need a league system in RL.
Ok, maybe I took It took far.


Of course. This would be a terrible game if it was different. There is a (steep) learning curve and nobody denies that. It is also a reason why we play Duelyst because it is rewarding.

And that is one of the points where you contradict yourself. If I play tennis against Roger Federer I will never win. Never. Not even if Federer is injured.
If I play against Hsuku there is always a chance to win for me because all card games include RNG (this one not that much though) and because the skill gap is never as big as in sports.

Okay, I will humour you (in addition to the already made point above).
Professional sports athletes do nothing else than to practice for their sport. Every day the whole week. They also are active in something where their bodies need to show top performances and therefore an extreme amount of training is necessary. They also need to practice because they need to master the moves and techniques of their sport. Have you ever heard about the very talented athletes who didn’t have any success because they didn’t practice hard enough? I find these people fascinating.
Duelyst doesn’t have that. Everybody can learn the basics pretty quickly to have success, even against the best players. We all started out as the new players at some point.
You can also come back to the game after a long break and still have the same skill. Doesn’t work like that for professional athletes.

You are portraying Duelyst as a game where you only play against s-rank players. This is not happening in my experience. Ribbons are not a sign for skill. I often meet players with more ribbons but way worse gameplay. If you look at the Grandmasters Duelyst has you will see that almost none of them has really that many ribbons. Check this article and compare it with that one.

Everytime you try to bring another analogy (sports, cooks, whatever) there is the same problem. It can’t be that easily compared and it is not the right one. There is a big skill difference between every division, it is very notable if you played for some time. So I as a new silver player won’t play (or cook) against the apparently many professional players (or cooks) we have. These are in a different division.
But the most important thing is ribbons don’t represent skill, only invested time.

I still understand why people would like to deactivate the ribbons though. Would be a nice option.


There is a league system in RL, it’s called economic inequality babe



Even this is wrong. It actually only indicates ability to win games AT ALL. Not like you need 60% wr or smth to get a ribbon.


Better Known as
" I don’t want to work "


I’m a veteran player who decided this month to do something similar to Hsuku’s “zero to hero” runs. I’ve started a new account and am building it up from scratch with no monetary input. As someone who is currently playing a noob level deck with an old head’s knowledge, I feel I have a somewhat unique perspective on this.

First off on the “ribbons =/= skill” point: this is true, but also fairly irrelevant. Ribbons = play time, and play time = collection depth. And the truth is, play skill can only get you so far with overcoming collection depth. I’ve come across players in silver with 10 or 20 ribbons running meta decks where they make horrendous play errors and just trounce me anyway. My Reva deck running triple Hailstone Golem just doesn’t have a chance against a fully tuned meta deck with all the best legends and epics. And yeah, seeing those dozen or so ribbons when I have none can be daunting, even as a long time player who’s made S rank a bunch of times.

That said, would removing ribbons remove that feel bad of being a new player and getting annihilated by a long time player with a fully teched meta deck? Probably not, it just means that you get a few turns of blissful ignorance before the Makantors and Cataclysmic Faults of the world show up and crap all over your face. Honestly, I’d rather have that warning up front that my opponent is someone with a higher level deck so I can prepare myself for facing something a bit more scary than a Dancing Blades. It might be nice to have the option to turn off ribbons for the players who care, but even as a silver level scrub with no ribbons and a garbage deck that’s not my preference.


Well its also true that duelyst is pretty generous when it comes to orbs. Building a competitive deck with a couple of epics/legs takes just some days of playing if you know how to deck building.


A good budget deck is really fast built. I tested it on several accounts. No need to run around with 3 Hailstone Golems.

Duelyst is very good in that regard.


It depends on your goals. The first couple days I consciously did zero crafting, so I kinda just had to make due with whatever garbage I opened or had laying around. If you’re looking to build up a long term, well rounded collection, turboing out the best budget list you can come up with in your first few days may not be the best option.

And while I agree with you that Duelyst is better than most similar games at not being pay to win, there’s definitely still a bit of that element. I played against Hsuku’s from zero to hero account last week with my Rag Wanderer list and absolutely shredded him. He’s a better player than me, for sure, but I was playing a top meta list against his budget deck. You just can’t win in that position unless you get extremely lucky.


And thats exactly why i would suggest to any new player to build a competitive deck and play a couple of seasons with it. They will rank up and face opponent with better skills (on average), improving their own skills and getting better at the game without getting frustating by playing an off meta deck. Full Collection is something that takes a lot of seasons regardless of what you do in the first weeks in the game.


He played a totally random Shidai Wanderer which is not
a good (budget) deck. That deck has a very bad matchup against any Wanderer list with a good BBS because these generals do the same stuff just better.

    Even the best players can’t win everything, deck quality is a factor of course. But good decks don’t need to be expensive. Look at Vetruvian. The strong core of any Vet deck right now is the Golem package + removal package. Nothing more expensive than rare.

    A budget list doesn’t mean you have to disenchant all your good cards, they are so cheap anyways and good enough to get you at least to Gold / Diamond without any problems.


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