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Remove Ribbon Visibility


Well its a possibility but most of tournament winners are good players


You have your opinion
To me feeling less capable than other players is the worst-when i know my opponent only won because he has thousands of games and therefore alot more exprience i don,t feel as bad as when i lose against another newbie

What makes you think your view is the view of the average player?


It’s unusual for me, but my emotions in this case lead me to think I don’t want to care about idiots who disregard facts completely in favor of emotions.

Isn’t Duelyst a game where you’re supposed to think with your head? Analyze and make decisions based on your analysis? If a player disregards logic, they can go play Candy Crush Saga or smth else instead of Dooli.

And I’m also pretty annoyed by you feeling so confident to express other people’s thought process. Just a hint - none of your options explain mine.

I would think something like: “I’m losing too much, thus either my piloting or deckbuilding skills suck. Let’s try to find a problem and get rid of it.”


There are good arguments on both sides, an option to deactivate them in the settings would be nice. Then everybody can decide that on their own.


Strangely you do not see ribbons in gauntlet, but gauntlet games give you ribbons in ladder.


the lack of statistical figures makes that argument flimsier than a plastic straw. As far as newbie representation is concerned, you’re representing 2 people who whined about it in the forums 6 months ago and never heard from since.


not feasible doing it at the beginning of every game, alternatively tape off the part of the screen that will display ribbons, to completely block off 7 different ribbon types the top left / right tile of the board would have to be blocked from view, and visibility of BBS would be obscured… So perhaps that is not the most elegant solution either


It is the most hilarious one though.


Oh, and where’s YOUR statistical figures? That’s right, you have none.

I’m not drawing on just 2 people, but years of playing games and being part of forums in competitive games, and there is always outcry when people are forced into games with opponents of a much higher level. ALWAYS.


To keep new players in the game, you have to trick them into thinking the playing field is level, and they simply need more experience. The whole point is not to let them realize they are playing against veterans who have 5,000+ wins under their belts.

Go on and ask normal people, “Hey, if you are new to Tennis, do you want to only ever play against Roger Federer when he tries his best?” Or if you just started a local basketball league, “Do you want to play against ONLY professional NBA teams?”

It’s fun once or twice, but then, it’s just demoralizing.


There are so many differences between professional sport athletes and Duelyst players which I won’t start to name all that I can’t take your reply seriously at all.

Only one Duelyst player earns his living by playing Duelyst (and is a professional player by definition therefore) and he can still be beaten by anybody (he lost a game in Silver today, I saw him doing Gauntlet runs with 1-3, I even saw him losing a game in Bronze, etc.).


exactly. you’re the one making the claim, and i am making none.
i could point out so many errors with what you said, but i don’t think it’s worth telling someone who sucks at rhetoric this bad. Please read up on rhetoric. it takes like 2 hours of reading tops to stop yourself from killing other people’s brain cells.


My claim is based on decades of playing games and sports, and knowing, the average person doesn’t enjoy getting crushed in video games by pros, nor do they enjoy it in regular sports. Something like this is common knowledge, and that you’d even dispute it is ridiculous and tells me you’ve rarely actually interacted with the outside world beyond the bubble that is Duelyst and whatever niches you reside in.

There is zero chance a majority of video game players, or sports players, would admit to you, when polled, they enjoy being repeatedly faced off against pros or seasoned veterans.

Why else does matchmaking even exist? Why would companies strive to ensure people play against others of equal skill? Surely there isn’t some massive conspiracy, right?

Game developers are doing their best to keep the majority of gamers from enjoying their games by preventing them from playing against pros all the time?

And you proceed to point out no errors.

Yeah, that’s not how you win arguments, it’s how you admit you have no counter.

Unquestionably, Duelyst without ribbons would be more welcoming to new players, and they would have stayed longer because of it.

Deceiving new players into thinking the game isn’t stacked against them from a dead playerbase is far more important than ribbons.


If you had Hsuku play only against new players, someone with less than 2 weeks of experience, he’s going to trounce them most of the time.

Furthermore, Gauntlet is extremely RNG, so using that as comparison isn’t accurate.

In fact, most of the time a noob wins against a pro in duelyst is if RNG goes against them, and Duelyst is pretty RNG heavy.

There are actually no differences that are relevant, because my explanation by bringing professional sports plays as an analogy was that, whether it’s gaming, or sports, very few people like being constantly placed against pros. They don’t like getting destroyed.

It’s demoralizing. If you held a cooking competition, and 9 of the 10 participants had just learned to cook 1 month ago, and you also had an Iron Chef winner as the 10th participant, you think most of the other people are going to enjoy that competition? Maybe once, yeah, it’ll be fun to cook with a great Chef, but twice? Three times? Eventually, the odds of you winning that competition are so low, you get beaten so many times, you just quit.


There are actually lots of differences that are relevant, so your analogy is good only if you prefer to ignore them…which you actually do.

I mean no personal offence, mate, but you don’t really provide any good arguments. I support your desire to make the game better for new players, but not your methods of discussion.


  1. Not all players play to win and get to the top.
  2. Duelyst is incomparable to professional sports, since most people here do lots of other things AND play Dooli as a hobby.
  3. Ribbons or not, if you lose often and care about it - the only feasible option is to get good, or try to find fun in something else instead of winning. I chose the latter despite being what you call veteran player myself.


I have 61 Abyssian ribbons and I lose all the time…


To say that knowing the opponent’s ribbon count alone is going to impact new players is kind of a long shot. The matches should play out in the same manner.

I promise. I’ve been a part of the community for 3 years, and overcoming that “new player” hump is very much possible. We also have friendly streamers who would love to help new players, were they to ever feel hopeless against more seasoned players. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wrong faction, m8 :rofl:


sigh… fine i’ll humor you. I tried to be concise in hopes that you’ll connect the dots yourself.

let me start over.

Part 1: Why I said this

there’s a reason why i said you’re representing two people in the forums who whined about six months ago. because it was a real thing.

one of these is literally 3 years ago.


Part 2: Why you need statistical data to back up your “argument”

fallacy: if A is true, B must be false. There are people who literally want to get matched against pros, and their prominence in the form of stream snipers and such. Are they a minority simply because there are many people who fall into your “majority”? no.
Do i need to prove that people who want a challenge to be an equally large set of people? no, because I’M ONLY POINTING OUT THAT YOUR GENERALIZATION HOLDS NO WATER