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Remove Ribbon Visibility


Showing Ribbons has just frightened new players. Make it only visible to yourself.

No new player wants to play against someone who has won 5,000 games.


I don’t think they will do that, but what you could do is, at the beginning of every game put your hand infront of your eyes and peek through the space between your fingers. Just enough that you can see what to replace, without having to look at the upper part of your screen. That should solve the problem. :ok_hand:


Maybe, but if I am in their shoes, I’ll use the match to learn some new and powerful tricks to use against other people later. Either that, or learn probable plans I will need to counteract later.


I do! I think it’s cool when I play against these 10+ ribbon players.


Should we remove ribbon visability?

  • No
  • Absolutely not
  • Are you crazy?
  • Of course not!
  • Maybe

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Ribbons were removed in Unranked mode. It makes sense that if we’re ever going to stop ribbons from being shown, we should at least have Unranked back, to weed out all the fault and noskillwanderer rag from players who actually want to have fun.


Should we bring back unranked mode?

  • Yes
  • Yeah
  • Oh yeah
  • Of course!
  • Isn’t it obvious?
  • Deet…Meggmerz? (For Melkorita)

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Sure-lets split the small playerbase even futher!


I’m not a new user, but if people here don’t understand how incredibly daunting and unfun it is be new, and see yourself faced against a 5,000 win opponent, then I don’t know what to tell you guys.


You need the confidence to believe you can beat anyone.


Everybody here was new.

I personally never cared about ribbons of others.


i like battling people with a lot of ribbons, because i feel fulfilled if i beat them


Experience/ribbons is not equal to a person’s skill level.

New players, ribbons aren’t always as scary as they look. :slightly_smiling_face:


I find joy in beating someone with so much more ribbons than i do. bonus points if they use the “zzz” emote because they hate my deck


Why cater to the people who clearly don’t care? New players, many of them, are going to be intimidated, and not want to continue playing when all they face off against are pros.

If they don’t know the person is a pro, it makes them less likely to feel like they were beaten by poor matchmaking.

Facts =/= emotions of new players.

I would argue this mentality makes you part of a minority. Many people hate being matched against pros.


Or they feel like garbage because they can,t win a single game
If they know that their opponent is extremely experienced they atleast know that its not realy their fault


People don’t follow this thought process:

“Wow I’ve lost 10 times in a row I suck I quit.”

NEARLY as much as they follow this thought process:

“I keep getting matched against pros, this game is dead, pay to win, and I’m not gonna play another game.”

This game has been starved of new players for so long I’m not surprised the few people remaining think this way. It’s the same with all games that are nearly dead, the few holdouts refuse to believe the game’s current mechanics are faulty.


Ribbons just show how many games a Player did, not his skills. I won against players with 30+ Ribbons many times cause they misplayed! The only ribbon that i give credit is the tournament one, cause you need true skill to win it.


Or alot of time and crazy luck
If you are semi-decent and participate in every tournament there is,its not that unlikely to get one sneak victory handed to you by RNG


The average new player doesn’t have the patience for that, nor do they want to play against people that much more skilled.

I’ve seen the new players who comment over the year and the response is always the same, they get pissed they are matched with pros.

But let’s be honest, I’m not even sure why I wrote this, the game’s not getting another update, it’s a code-nightmare, I just figured they could squeeze out a few more dollars if they removed the visibility of ribbons so new players didn’t immediately feel as though the game was stacked against them.