Remove battle pets from chrysalis burst


Battle pets are fine and all, but if you get them out of chrysalis burst they are a huge hindrance.

The reason for this is because battle pets can only attack at the start of the turn, not when hatched from an egg due to a card effect. Meaning if you use egg morph, wild inceptor, or morin khur, it is wasted on them.

This hurts the combos you do with the card, particularly morin khur, it sucks to barely survive to 9 mana so you can even do the combo, only to have it ruined because you got battle pets that don’t attack, when you could’ve gotten lethal if it spawned anything else. Chrysalis burst is vulnerable enough to bad RNG as is, it doesn’t need battle pets to make it even more of a dice roll.


This is inherent to its design and the whole point of the card. Limiting it is pointless (Especially in the battle pets expansion!). Taking out the battle pets is just a through-and-through buff to the card anyway, and it certainly doesn’t need that.


I have a better idea, remove chrysalis burst from the game.


It is indeed an exalmple of a badly designed card but is it really that big of a problem for you that you want it to be romoved? Haven’t really seen people using it that much.


4 mana for four bodies and a tempo swing. It’s still working great in my mid-range deck.



Eh, Gro isn’t a bad grab.


Chrysalis Burst buff threads in December 2016.


Hah totally didn’t see that coming.


Gro hatches as a 3/5. Arguably better than the smaller spawns.

Also, morin khur.interaction will almost never happen, and even if it does you will have three other insta-spawns. Ditto with egg morph, you would obviously choose to spawn something way better than the Gro.


The combo happens more often then you think (I use it) but for a 9 mana combo it shouldn’t be able to get ruined by battle pet spawns. Gro may be stronger than other spawns but it isn’t about how strong the minions are, it’s weather that can attack.


You can’t balance things around combos. Otherwise, Flash Reincarnation + Makantor + Amplification would be nerfed. 5 mana for a 6/6 Frenzy? No one would argue that’s not broken.


Five mana and 3 cards :stuck_out_tongue:. When for 6 mana and 1 card you can have a 4/4 Rush Frenzy, it does not sound that bad, specially cobsidering how little native card draw Magmar has

EDIT: but still, Burst should not be buffed. It has the potential to generate too much value and flat out win games if you are lucky. Do we really want to reduce its chance to have average or sub-average results instead?


Bro do you even Dance with the Memes?


Only when I’m not sober.


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