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ReliKaleos - need help


Well, no deck, just concept, have no idea what to do.

I probably want at least Bangle, also probably Cyclone.

I probably need to play minions for Reliquarian - that probably means Kaleos, but who knows?

Probably need high attack Hai minions…Keshrai and Hamon are the only ones.

Any thoughts?


Maybe try some ways to slightly buff attack.
Like Jaguar or Shiro.

For the case you use Hamon and it sticks, it looks simpler to do the whack and Zendo combo instead of Reliq.


I’m assuming memes, so:
Reva - BBS - KE + Second Self. Keep in hand until 8 mana to play with Reliquarian.


Instead of sheer high attack, go for their standard medium-attack ones (3~4 stuff) and add… Coalfists to the mix.
For as much as Kaleos is ‘the’ dedicated minion guy, go for Shidai anyways. She’s flexible given a little luck.

For an alternate reading on this chaos, shove it as an alt finisher on a standard Arcanyst Hai. Kindling is there to transform your army in colossal beating sticks anyways.


Going to bed so can’t add much.

That said you’re all wrong and the key here is curving Cyclone into Manakite Drifter for the Relic turn.




Combines the best of mechs, with reliquarian, and Omega is just thrown in as a finisher with Juxta/MDS/Reliquarian if unanswered. By no means is this deck optimized (I can’t even make it because I still have yet to get 3 reliquarians), but just by looking at it, I think it might have problems with draw if replaces aren’t perfect. Omega is just loads of fun in this meta with lack of dispels, and inconsistent removal from wanderer.

Manakite because Jay thinks it might be good

oh did you want reliquarian to target a songhai minion? RIP mech package.


He’s just messing around. Manakite is bad and is a mock attempt to actually give songhai a good minion.


for the purposes of this combo, it would be good. Reliq would be too crappy when it comes out otherwise.

Also, @cookedpoo, reliq needs an in-faction minion to generate a faction artifact. Fool of a Took!


Thought experiment:

Why not ox reva? Ox’s effect is redundant with blaze artifact, while reliq’ing a buffed seeker should be more than enough.

Concession: this is pure memes



@owlbeastmd, @cookedpoo, @zanestheargent

Actually, at some point I actually made my own:

  1. Arcanyst Reva/Shidai Relic deck, ofc, it’s me, I always start to meme with Arcanysts.
  2. Ox Reva Relic deck

My playstyle with Hai usually assumes that my general tends to be far far away, teleporting minions to the opponent’s face while brewing some kind of stupid combo. With this tactics pure Reliq seems underwhelming - nothing to attack in the close proximity.

Given lackluster effect of Hai Relic, I then started to add Cyclone and/or Bangle into my Relic decks, which resulted with my Control Artifact Kal list which can be seen, e.g. here:

And it is actually pretty good :slight_smile: Basically, it’s ArtiHai with Kaleos control suit instead of spell control suit, and it works! The problem is, it is better without Reliquarian :sob: Even 2 SSS would be more useful here.

At this point I just concede. Reliquarian in Hai seems so meme tier to me, that it is uncomparable to, say, Abyss or Mag builds, which actually have strong Reliq effect…



Jokes aside If I did this Kite/Relic/Kage is the area in which i’d look at.



Why Kaleos though, isn’t Reva better with this suit?


Yes she is, but your topic implied Kaleos so there you go.


My topic assumed Kaleos due to my possibly wrong assumption that he is better. Reva is fine too :slight_smile:


Incidentally here’s the inspiration for the idea based on a actual list I did run.


Sitting Panddo, Raging Kaleos idea:

Load Kali up with Artifacts and pew pew the enemy General down while Panddoing their threats and hampering their movement. Whaddayathink?


Everything is fine except for the fact that it’s better with Reva. But as I said, Reva is fine, too.

It’s very close to my standard ArtiReva list in spirit, but with more meme cards.


You’re a few steps from undertaking full ReliShidai Shadow Bonanza there


3 flicker but no mask of shadows :sweat:


Played a couple of games with @eurasianjay’s Relic/Kage ramp list and result is 0% wr in low gold. We don’t have enough control to protect drifter and general, but the package itself seems promising.

Then I made a Kaleos list with ideas from me and Jay together, and played one match that resulted in a win. Don’t have enough time to test it out more carefully, but here’s the list:

Just a quick draft, though. I see the theoretical problem with draw, and the lack of thunderbomb, but we’ll see.

What do you think?