Regalia Of The Underworld Queen


Greetings fellow forum lurker, I thought might as well introducing myself with this post. Hello, nice to meet you I’m known as “leidenfrost” in game, and I would like to post my deck that I used to grind. I started playing mid-august, 1 week before shim’zar hits and have been constantly playing on the ladder (I suck at gauntlet, haha). Abyssian was my faction of choice (after levelling and playing around with all faction to get them to LV11) At first cassyva was budget friendly, and due to the scary nature of the old shadowcreep mechanism it could be broken sometimes. But then Shim’zar hits, and I was struggling as a new player at that time since cassyva’s wincon was bumped up so high into the sky (damn all those legendaries). Despite of that, I still play my cassyva, just because I like it and proceed to Disenchat all of my non-abyssian cards (yes, all of them) to finally craft my obliterate.

With the meta so fast, casyva needs to adapt and because of that Fast Cassy archetype was born, with strong mid game, all those heals, good chunk of quality low drops and removal, until the inevitable revenant or obliterate nuke the enemy. After many losses, trials and errors, I have come to conclusion with this deck.

TL;DR : for those who just want the decklist, here you go “Fastssyva Soulreaper”

Rise of the Bloodborn Cassyva : same same?

Nice deck.
I think “Grasp of agony” is a must in those deck.


rite AND spelljammer?
i guess its fine since you only have 11 non-draw cards above 2 mana


I would swap lure for grasp, If it were to encounter many swarm decks (the normal DFC variant), but right now the Upper Diamond and S are populated by accelerating variax lilithe and aggromar, so that lure might come in handy in getting those lethal blocked by a minion, and lure can also be used to buy times when those huge threat hits the board and you didn’t have BBS+Punish ready
I think I might have matcehd up with you a few times when laddering (at early-mid month iirc), enjoyed the game very much, thanks for the great experiance


The reasoning behind that is when you dumped your hands early in the game spelljammer would help you squeeze those extra draw and put the pressure on your opponent, especially if they hold their combo card on hands, It would force them to either dump their hand, or spend a removal, which is good, rite is more for those lategame, since it cost 6 now, and I would rather play revenant at 7 rather than Rite+1 mana thingies


well basically you need 3 lure and for sure you won’t cut it. But you don’t need ephemeral shroud and healing mystic so you can cut them with a 3rd lure and grasp of agony.


Healing and dispel, I just need those extra bits of health, since I usually clears minion with the help of my general, or sometimes hits face, but probably would swap a few cards depending on the ladder population when I play, thanks for the insight


you already have 8 heal and lot of removal so you dont need dispel. Also basically you should run only 1 obliterate.


Hmm, probably I like to have diversity in my answer, I don’t even mind dispelling mana tiles with shroud, haha
As for the 2 obliterate, it’s for more consistency, with 2 obliterate so far, each game I have been able to draw 1 at least, if you got 2 on hands pray then it’s just RNGesus messing with you, just accept it and move on
Well, in the end it’s tailored to suit my playstyle more, and it has been carrying me to S for 2 times (October and December, November should have been able to rach S too, but I was too busy with IRL stuff, so yeah)
I’ll take your advice, and probably make a little adjustment, depending on the ladder population
Thank you, for the insight


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