Refined xor'xuul


Ooo actually pretty spicy with that chakram, have you seen lists running the inkhorn gaze? Because I some xors running it.


Inkhorn is so-so for xor. It’s used as an alternative to vellumscry; i.e. progress the trial with card draw.

Still, it’s a 2 mana sacrifice with little immediate effect, so I’d only use it in decks that try to turbo out xor as fast as possible.

Btw, the chakram might conflict with Maehv’s bbs, but it saved my *** many times against big minion decks such as magmar and lyonar


I mean ppl run chakram in that spammy dying wish deck


People would run Furor Chakram everywhere if it wasn’t limited to Abyssian.
Edit: Furor Chakram could be elected president of the USA if it wasn’t an abstract concept.


Alternatively you could use BB Mentor/Alcuin Loremaster and Cass, using the BBS on your own minions still counts for Xor.


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