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Refined xor'xuul


Hey guys! So far on my abyssian trial adventures, this is the most refined list I could achieve. Show me what you guys have.

Currently 6/7 in gold in this new season!

Here are a few replays:


Does blood echoes count to the trial for every creature it kills?


Nope only counts as one


Ah thanks. Nice job on the deck!


Looks nice! How is Fugitive working out for you?


Honestly amazing. When I get it out with dfs for 3 it’s pretty nice. And also the aphotic drain heals. When late game rolls around you can keep ritual banishing enemy minions.


How is BBMentor working out for you? Because I believe your list does too much self harm with only 1 heal. I feel like you could add in Azure herald, and replace Dreamgazer (off to pun-jar I go).

THE PUN-JAR put a coin

He does run Prophet.


I thought at at first too, but I figured out that if you finish the trial fast, it is almost a guaranteed win.


ay you know whats good


Maybe it’s just me but, I can’t see the replays correctly, just sends me to a blank page with DUELYST written on it? (Replays from other topics worked fine)


i rarely see mehv used gazer, i get that shes quite masochistic with her bbs but is there any reason to include gazer here?


I don’t quite understand Blood Echoes vs Consuming Rebirth choice. Care to explain?


Post trial goes insane


Oh, sure, should have guessed.


A free sacrifice target! When you don’t draw sarlac, you can sacrifice dream gazers.


why dont you run gor? seems like the deck runs a little low on actual bodies to pitch besides sarlac


There isn’t much room for gor, and the prophet/dreamgazer/shrounds/shaman are good sacrifice targets.


I suppose


Swarm-xor hybrid

This deck wins using generic swarm tactics instead of xor half the time.

It really struggled in high gold, but I managed to get it into diamond.