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Reducing confounding Variables in Abyssian (Upcoming Expansion)


Abyssian is the only faction with this much confounding variables. At the end of the day all that could save us from all those Plasma Stroms, Phoenix Fire, Rush Enemies, Dispel Spells, Range Minions and not to mention Poor Card draw ability was Some Shadow Nova at the end. Which is not cheap,by the way. If the Shadow Novae are so unjustified and non Interactive (as pointed out otherwise)…then justify Phoenix Fire and Lantern Fox, Circle of Life(vs. Dark Transformation)vs. Onix Bear Seal(3 mana), Ironcliffe Gurdian+Divine Bond, Ghost Lightning+Eight Gates or Spiral Technique, Siphon Energy, Star’s Fury, Aspect of the Fox, Cryogenesis, Hailstone Prison or Avalanche. How are these any interactive strategy? The only reason I stick with Abyssian is beacues it is the only faction that requires the ture strategical art to slowly build and play to the end, it requires time but the play becomes worth it WIN or LOOSE. No minion generates phoenix fire or true strikes for us, we cannot just give +5 life and flying, we cannot draw card while reducing mana cost while teleporting minion at any space then backstab then reactivate and backstab again just for fun!..We cannot just summon Kujita and build mechazjors while drawing minions, we cannot heal minion and deal 4 damage to all other enemy minion around it. Despite all the confounding variables how do you justify change in Shadow Novae and turn Cassyva THE MOST WORTHLESS playable general in the history of generals? Please don’t make Abyssian vulnerable to so many no brainier strategy than it already is.


Reaper of the nine moons.

Black Solus.

Spectral revenant.

The sister, one of the most powerfull heal of the game

Vorpal Reaver.

Daemonic Lure. One of the best disablers

Dark Transformation. The strongest removal in the game.

Deathwatch with awesome effect and synergies

All the new synergies and spells that Shimzar is going to add with the new shadow tiles.

What. Are. You. Talking. About.



Please Check for the definition of Confounding Variables and Justification. Just Because Abyssian has two good legendary Card does not justify that the upcoming change is in and off of itself good. The change if good should be good despite anything else. I never said Abyssian Deck is Bad, I said too confounding. Put up an Aegis Barrier with 1 mana, Dark transformation won’t do you any good. Let you justify Dark Transformation by the fact it removes regardless of Power, then lets contrast Minion with 2 health - remove by 1 mana true strike, 3 health - by Phoenix Fire, 4 health- 4 mana holy immolation with healing your own, 5 health- Circle of life while healing 5 to general, 5 mana. So, Any minion with less than 5 health is just an overkill for Dark Transformation. What is the other option- Ritual Banishing or Deathwatch. These assume that I already have a hoard of wrathlings I can kill left and right. Natural Selection can easily vanish a 12/12 Blood Taura no problem with 2 mana. Alright, Lets see… At the end of the game you Obliterate with 8 mana… You have low health and you’ve used your last defense. All the minions turned into eggs. Turn Ends- All Those eggs, NOW HAVE RUSH!!! XD


You are complaning about an expansion that’s not even out yet.


We know 1/13 abyssian cards.

How can you judge the upcoming change if we have almost no information about this change for now ?


Wanna Place a bet that People will significantly reduce using Cassyva at the Diamond or higher ranks? :stuck_out_tongue: And I am not Complaining, I am making a plea!


"Shadow Creep will now always do only one damage at the end of the
owner’s turn. This allows for more creative freedom with Shadow Creep
and more cards to synergize with it. "

more creative freedom with Shadow Creep and more cards to synergize with it.

I’m not placing any bet.
We don’t know anything about the 12 new cards.
12 new abyssian cards.
How can you say that ppl will reduce using Cassyva at higher ranks ?
Do you know all the new cards of the expansion ?


Nope, if I knew, there would be no point in betting…It would be then insider trading… I am ethical, you know… :stuck_out_tongue: and again I am making a plea, not complaining.


You’re the one making a thread, if people are forced to google the terms you’re using because you can’t word yourself properly then you’re doing a bad job at it. Also, do us a favor and use paragraphs.

The way I’m understanding the thread, you apparently think Abyssian is too weak but you still prefer to play her because she takes strategy unlike all other factions which are just braindead easy with their overpowered cards and you’re also willing to bet things will stay the same for whatever reason in the new expansion despite knowing it’s focus on synergy and how every faction will get some.

So basically you have this twisted mentality about how the game works, and rather than trying to discuss it with people you just present it as a fact and then even worsen the situation by claiming things will never change.

This is basically just a low quality bait, isn’t it? And we’ve fallen for it by trying to engage in the discussion with you. This is the first thread I’ve seen which is actually report worthy.

PS: I hope dear mods don’t find this reply “too aggressive”, I did my best not to personally attack the OP for making such a nonsensical post.


Then again…I think you would also like me to feel sorry for the way you “understood” it. And I am extremely sorry that I am not sorry for it. I said, Abyssian faction as it is now is STRONG because of the current creep mechanism despite all the other confounding variables it already has. The new mechanism might dampen that advantage. So as I said before, this was a plea before the release, to be reconsidered. I might be a mentally twisted nonsensical person as you pointed out, but you can also see I learned to say “Please”…and also wasted some time expanding my vocabulary instead of hitting Spacebar for people’s convenience. I didn’t drag you to the discussion so logic dictates I shouldn’t care for your convenience either. :smile:


Posting in the bait thread, woop woop.
Obliterate is one of the most insane finishers we’ve seen so far. It is actually far more powerful than the modern Shadow Nova. It is so much harder to play around and does not rely on the enemy positioning to be effective.

I don’t even get what you are complaining about. Hell, people might start running Spellbinders again just to counter that stuff. What I would actually be concerned about is the Swarm Abyssian plummeting in the power rankings with the advent of Blistering Skorn.


You have beaten to death people for a lot less than this and here we have the most childish/nonsensical /poorly organized post I ever seen on this forum and you just answer this ?!

You disappointed me Raqyee

hitting Spacebar for people’s convenience. I didn’t drag you to the discussion so logic dictates I shouldn’t care for your convenience either

Thanks for the good laugh :smiley:


Ryv is keeping me on a leash. It’s okay though, I’m sure the mods will deal with the thread appropriately so there’s no need for me to beat anyone to death :ambulance:


I’m not sure what you mean by confounding variables, even after googling, but as a cass main I can say I’m looking for to the new expansion and its creep changes. The way that creep games play out currently feels a bit stale to me because there’s no real synergy with it. The only thing creep seems to mean is “add +1 damage to your shadow nova”, which the expansion seems to promise to change.


Heavy is the head that wears the crown

I will keep saying it,Counterplay devs general turn a blind eye to over tuned cards once faction isn’t the best faction but once you are that best faction.Prepare for the nerf hammer.It has happened to Magmar,Songhai, Vet, Songhai, Vet and now Abyss…That said Abyss is lighter touch than what happened to other factions they still got Spectral Reventant,Vorpal Reaver, 9moons,Shadow sister,DFC, Grimwar are all very good

.But it is way harder to be swarm now and will get harder in the expansion.It looks like Abyss will have to work harder for creep and creep has counter play.I don’t feel bad for Abyss players(I have been helpless nova one too many times) but I am pretty sure they are going to have change their playing style completely soon


Thanks,that is what I was saying…but on a different conclusion. Since there are some “stale” strategies for other factions, why not leave alone the only one stale strategy Abyss has. :smiley:


This thread has degraded past discussion as such I am locking the thread.

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