Redesign Iron Dervish Please


Iron Dervishes currently look like bull crap and are a blemish to the beautiful units in this game and specifically the Vetruvian faction.
This is compounded by the fact that Iron Dervishes are spawned via Zirix’s BBS which means if you play Zirix then you will inevitably see this units on the board.

Please CPG, make Iron Dervishes look cool like regular ephemeral dervishes.


they could at least make the iron dervishes look like they are made of iron. i suppose a grey color would make it hard to distinguish from its exhausted form. they could make it a red-ish rust color


They will never look like ephemeral dervishes to avoid confusion. Ephemereal dervishes are supposed to have rush and disappear unlike the iron ones. Iunno, I also thought the design was a bit iffy at first but I got used to it. They are supposed to be this plain-sand-made-zombie-looking creatures after all and the design portrays that pretty well.


The colour of the iron dervishes is pretty accurate. Ironore has a brownish-orange colour most of the time after all.


Yea I mean the Dervishes are probably formed from unrefined ore. So no grayish color for them.


I like their look! But for my taste they could be renamed - they really don’t look like “made out of iron”.


I think making them red would be bad for future since i THINK they may be wanting an elemental circle type of thing. Wind dervish, water dervish, fire dervish, and iron (earth) dervish, so making it red can interrupt the fire ones future color i guess.


That sounds so cool 0_0


Regardless of whether or not their color is accurate for being made out of unrefined Iron, the fact is that right now they look too much like poop. Poop zombies, sure, but poop nonetheless.


True, but tell me it isn’t fun to literally summon up a shit storm with Zirix’s BBS and Pax then kill your opponent with said shit storm.


I gues now that you mention that I could play monkey zirix by throwing poop dervishes across the field with third wish. Why else did the game give me three of them?


I dare you to include Pantheran.


iron is grey

make it grey



I’ve always just assumed it was a rust color, like Mars.


I must admit I was very confused at the beginning what those Iron Golems were that I saw referenced here and there. Took me quite a while to notice that the sand golems from the Vetruvian leader are actually called Iron.


I think this is a horrible idea.
Because then i couldn’t call them poop minions.


Dude, refined/smelted iron is gray. Iron Dervishes are composed of unrefined iron and sand, as well as any other minerals/rocks that are there when it is formed.


There is a lot of debate about the color of the dervishes which is fine but that doesn’t change the fact that the actual design of the minion is crap.

I was hoping we would get something like a mini ironcliffe guardian that is more sandy/iron-y looking. Not a piece of wet mud.


Is google-fu not being practiced anymore? :muscle:

[details=This is iron sand.]


This is Piha, a New Zealand beach with iron sand.

This is an Iron Dervish.

Which of these is not like the others?

Personal interpretation peddled as fact? Official source?


They aren’t meant to look like Golems Jesus, they are supposed to look like raw ore and stone, since they represent their element. Just google Ironore, it is often redish, (can also have other colours though). Their colour and design fits what they are supposed to represent, and fits the Vetruvian colour scheme.

Don’t get me wrong, they look goofy, but their design still makes sense, and fits way better with Vet than Grey ones.