Recommendations to branch out to other factions?


I started playing at the start of this season and have just been getting into the game.
I just hit diamond after playing for ~20 days. Only general I have played to any extend is Fae.
I started my climb with fairly outdated tempo style list and did the infuriating final grind from rank 6 to 5 with more aggressive aggro list.

Now then how would you guys suggest a transition to other factions from my state? I actually usually enjoy playing control over aggro. What factions would you suggest?

To help you with suggestions here’s a brief history of me: I started tgc:s with magic where I preferred blue and white decks, my favourite color combination used to be Blue/Red with a slight tendency towards blue. Also played Hearthstone since beta and enjoyed playing priest over all else (might explain why I am drifting away from that game at the moment). Other favourites from HS would be rogue and mage and I barely enjoy rest of the classes at all.

Thanks all, looking forward to get to know you!


Hey, welcome to the game and congrats on hitting Diamond so quickly. I have been playing on and off for maybe 6 months, and I just hit Diamond for the first time a week ago. If you like playing control, and have spirit to spare you could give my deck a try

I posted a thread about it earlier, you can also give it a read if you are interested. There is a link to a budget version towards the beginning of the post if you are missing some cards.


Vet is really not worth your time atm although it kinda is a control style faction. Do you like dragging to late game with your multiple win cons? If you do cassyva is your pick: She has unstoppable direct spell damage- Obliterate. An artifact that hits a general for half their health -ghost azalea. Or the best 7 drop- Spectral Revenant, 6-6 rush that deals 4 damage for each minion he kills.

Control magmar. Doesn’t have that strong of a late if compared to cassyva but has a much much stronger midgame presence with control tools to remove early drops. Ability to ramp into huge minions and bring them back. Also has access the rush frenzy minions for insane tempo plays - Makantor Warbeast. However, this deck requires more skill to pilot because surviving early game is essential.

Heal Ziran has a very close resemblance to priest in HS. She has insane heal synergy and combos to swing boards in their favor. However, like priest, has a much slower and indirect approach to anything you wanna accomplish on board. Although fun, but requires more support from the game as the deck archetype still lacks some solid cards here and there.

If I rate them by spirit cost, cassyva is at the top, followed by control magmar and heal ziran


If they give Vetruvian a way to deal with ranged threats again, I’d look into a control Sajj list. It’s got a few reliable ways to deal with any nearby threat, and probably the game’s most interesting win condition in Spinecleaver. A few users directed me towards that a few weeks after i started playing. After I made some slight changes i was really, really loving it but it is now phenomenally weak with the recent Siphon change. Like I said, only look into it if they give Vet a reliable way to dispose of ranged threats.

Beyond that, the current good options are pretty much what snowwy posted about; I’ve been having moderate success with Cassyva, but it’s expensive because every win con is legendary, and you need multiple for consistency’s sake. It is fun to play, though, which is the most important thing; you get to drop big minions timmy-style as reward for controlling the board effectively, or as win conditions, and a narrow Obliterate victory is probably even more entertaining than Sajj’s 9-mana Ankh+Spinecleaver+BBS “this whole row is Bloodfire Totems now” play.


Thanks for all the recommendations. I’m hesitant about going Magmar since it reminds me of mtg green/hs druid, both options I haven’t found interesting. Still I’ll give it a bit more consideration and do some more research in crafting.

Vet has been on my list of things to consider as well as heal Lyonar. Creep cassyva definitely would fit my style of play but having played against it a lot has made me somewhat irritated about everything how the deck plays out.

I’m more of a Johnny rather than Timmy, though I haven’t seen too many decks for people like me (barring some insane Magmar deck that comboed me with 30+ damage by turn 4 and some Lilithe decks).

From earlier example: I’d much more enjoy the thrill from Sajj’s 9 mana “combo” filling the board with Bloodfire Totems over Obliterate (which feels kinda cheap to me and likely prevents control style decks to ever become powerful).


I do hope you join our imperium. But atm it’s legitimately collapsing and the only surviving part of this imperium are the dervishes (I see them as foreign labor, not condescending, just finding it funny that the locals and royalties are suffering and the foreigners in our land are actually doing fine lolols. And it reflects a lot of countries xD, I guess you could say it’s satirical in a sense).

So if you wna go vet, I suggest you to wait for them to do something that compensates for the siphon nerf and for the upcoming expansion, cause as it is now, that deck is an auto concede to anything summoned in the back lines.


While I am a Sajj lover, I think it would be wise to start with a control Vaath deck first, as both generals benefit from similar neutrals (Grincher and Grove Lion, to name a few) and Vaath is significantly easier to build a budget deck for.

Save up your cards and spirit while you learn the ways of minion-crushing with Vaath, in order to see if that is what your really want, before investing fully in our beloved Scioness.

Also know that despite the similarities between both generals, the Magmar faction has access to much better healing and more reliable removal, while Sajj must rely on Falcius and Wildfire Ankh to avoid damage. Sajj also depends more on minions and usually must be played more agressively when it comes to positioning and trading health for board control, due to lacking instant win conditions like 20+ attack (Vaath) or Obliterate (Cass).

And be welcome to the wonderful world of Control. I hope you survive.


Will be a while till I am able to build control, as I stated I just started and building control is more expensive than aggro in pretty much every ccg I have played.

I am now just searching for a direction which I start moving to.

Thanks again for all suggestions. :blush:


The I hope you survive part got me xD. Felt a tinsy bit of sarcastic humor xD


It was fully intended :upside_down:


Vaath control isn’t very expensive actually. The BBS and Adamantine Claws together allow you to have a win condition, Earth Sphere (your healing spell) and all powerful control spells are relatively cheap (Rares at most). Grincher is Rare and is a solid minion, as well as adding kill potential, and Silluete Tracer, a very nice utility/combo card is common. The only Epics I would heavily recommend are two Mankators and maybe two Sunset Paragons if you want more neutrals, and/or Grove Lion if you wish to go Sajj later.

EDIT: but I am unsure if it is something I’d recommend to a new player as it is very different from most decks.