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Recombobulus is fun :)


He is fun, and he’s even good. I think many people haven’t really tried him. It’s a 2-drop that can easily lead to lethal later in the game. He’s not a dead draw, unless you’re way ahead (or fighting a deck which doesn’t rely on minions and positioning I guess, but even then he may move one of your minions in useful ways).

Been having fun with him in Vetruvian lately:

  • Exhuming sand: summon x, get a dervish -> summon Recombobulus and target the freshly spawned dervish, get a dervish.
    (1 extra dervish may not seems like much on paper, but I made a ‘sand swarm’ deck and it’s fun and pretty decent.)

  • Lost in the Desert: speaks for itself.

(In general he works well in swarm decks because you’ll be able to dictate the position the minion ends up in.)

  • Thunderhorn, + any diagonal lineup (procced away? -> move general away, procced close? -> use general to kill), + Onyx Jaguar, …

Feel free to add fun uses if you’ve tried him (I can think of many more, but maybe not the ones you found), or feel free to add other cards which may be surprisingly fun from IV.


He’s okay for denying p1 a ramp to 4 mana on t2 50% of the time? (If you take the middle tile; otherwise it’s 25%.)


I’ve had a bit of fun with him in Gauntlet. Was up in a game till my opponent summoned and buffed a Second Sun with Provoke. Had used up all my answers and it threatened to upset the game. Realised I could dictate where it would be moved through positioning and used Recombobulus. Open up the General to lethal.

Felt really fun to use. Not sure if it will ever be used as it takes board presence t dictate where exactly the minion goes but it is definitely fun nonetheless.


Redsteel Minos is another strong card. I’ve been having fun using him in my expansion only deck :slightly_smiling_face:


That sounds like a killer tournament idea: players must bring 4 decks, each containing only cards from one expansion.


Whose got dibs on shim’zar?



As exciting as that sounds, only 1 expansion would be crazy :joy:. I managed to make a decent deck using Lyo exp cards, but i can’t say for sure if other factions can make one as competitive as lyo (or maybe I’m just lacking a bunch of their cards)


so many decks rely on core cards that leaving it out would be super weird


Somebody did that to me during my last gauntlet run, it’s pretty annoying when it works


Robot jojo is pretty good


I used Recombobulus for a bit in my Onyx Jaguar Kaleos list. I eventually dropped him because he’s too expensive to drop in addition to Jaguar. Juxt, MDS, and blink all do a better and more consistent job for less mana.

All said though, he’s still a super fun card.


The MVP of this match:


I like how my opponent thought he was safe but played right into my trap


If you were to force me to play against some of the pro Duelyst players, this card is going into every one of my decks, alongside Grimes, and Bloodsworn Gambler. I’d be better off trying to cheese them through RNG than beat them with an honest deck.

Using recomb early on can be a huge gamble, since it can either disable an opponent unit for a turn, or give them an additional turn of movement. Most of the time, the bump doesn’t have much impact, but a small faction of the time, it can be devastating. Overall, it’s vastly better than a vanilla 2/3, since its effect gets move consistent after the mana spring stage of the game, but I’m not crazy enough to use it. I prefer more consistent effects like Healing Mystic and Primus Fist.


I used recombobuulus in my vet deck.
But, it’s not always reliable.
Some times it goes the wrong way.
Feels bad man.


Recombobulus isn’t nearly as RNG as people think, that’s why I think so few people have used it.

Well, at least not how I use it.

In other words: there are better choices if you want to cheese with RNG and win with an RNG deck against a better player.


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