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A wounded Argeon awoke severely wounded on a battlefield in the middle of a desert. Off in the distance he could see the outline of the ruins, just barely however as it was dusk. As he tried to eat up pain surged through his body. He glanced towards the source of the pain and saw deep wounds all over his torso. “So it was a dream. Must’ve been the rations, or the blood loss.” Argeon thought to himself. As Argeon tried once again to rise pain shot from his wounds causing him to lose his balance. However this time a hand shot out and caught the king’s arm. Argeon looked up to see Zir sitting on his mount. “My king, I believe this battle is lost, we should retreat and live to fight another day.” Zir said. Argeon could only nod. Zir managed to hoist his king on to his mount and ride back towards the landing ship that had brought Argeon’s army to Vetruvian lands. Argeon vowed he would return and claim the ruins and begin a conquest of Abyssian lands as payback for his grievous defeat.


It had been a few hours since Oberon had been discovered alive. Hirch and one of his brothers had left camp to scour the outskirts of the battlefield for survivors, sadly to no avail. During the commotion of finding Oberon and receiving news of a rather large legion of Vetruvian warriors marching on the ruins Hirch had misplaced his Thunderclap. He cared little for the weapon, however it had served him well in the past. Upon retiring to the camp with the brother who wore the kite shield as a pauldron he discovered that one of the Burningsands Portal Guardians was in possession of it. Before any kind of drama could break out however Hirch’s brother said to him in an aside, “Come now brother, let him play with his new toy. Besides, a sight as grim as what we just came back from is quite unsettling.” “Col, if he had desired a weapon he should have brought one, we both know that they rely too much on their geokinesis and Brother-” before Hirch could finish Col raised his hand indicated he would prefer to not hear anymore complaining. “Don’t worry brother, with that mess out there, it’ll be easy to find you a new weapon. Now let us see if the good captain is well enough to speak once more.” Col said as the pair walked back towards the small makeshift camp. “I’ed rather he be well enough to walk.” Hirch replied as they grew closer towards the fire that one of the Saybyle Twins had made. At this statement Col mimicked the action of raising an eyebrow, a facial gesture he grew to miss since the melding. “It’s just the look of that battlefield, I feel a strange pit in my iron gut every time I look at it. Everything about it seems off.” Hirch replied. The Guardian known as Aeros that had recently acquired Hirch’s Thunderclap strolled towards the fire with the weapon on his hip. “What? No comments on my battered and broken brother? No sarcastic remarks at this loss when one of House Burningsands was leading?” Aeros asked. Before Hirch could speak Col replied, “He is gravely wounded and many fellow Vetruvian lay dead in those ruins. We make such comments as to lighten the mood, this is a much more serious matter and thus jokes are not appropriate.” As Col finished his sentence Oberon, supported by both the Saybyle Twins hobbled towards the camp fire. Sitting down on a pile of hardened sand that had been formed to act as a temporary seat he asked, “Who are you? Specifically the one with the fancy pauldron and the two that so graciously carried me here, I already know Hirchian.” To this question the two twins said in gleeful unison, “My name is Saybyle Sandseer!” Oberon confused by that answer asked with one of them was Saybyle. Both replies with a sarcastic yes. Col spoke up hoping to douse the confusion. “They’re both called Saybyle. The two of them were born on the same day and given the same name, and both had their melding rituals done at the same time. For some reason this resulted in both having identical sandshields.” “Yes!” The two replied gleefully. “And before you ask, we identify them by their colors.” Hirch chimed in. Inspecting the twins more closely Oberon noted that the Saybyle on the right held his staff with his right hand, his pauldron on his right shoulder as well. The colors that Hirch had mentioned were the colored highlights on the twins’ sandshields. The twin to the right had red highlights and a single red line that flowed vertically down his mask through his right eye. The twin on the left carries his staff in his left hand, his pauldron on his left shoulder as well. His sandshield had blue highlights and a single blue line that flowed vertically down his mask through his left eye. Oberon noticed that Hirch had an indigo line that flowed vertically down the center of his mask and stopped where his nose would be. Looking over at Col he saw a cyan blue line that flowed vertically up on his mask from where his chin would be to the spot where his lower lip would’ve been. Like the twins both Portal Guardians from House Sandseer had highlights that matched the color of the line seen on their masks. “Interesting.” Oberon thought.


May I ask where exactly the Ruins are located? It would seem that they should be somewhere around Kaero and Akram Desert is that correct?


It appears that way, I never had an intended location to begin with, I’ed have to check the map of Mythron to see it’s definitive location here. It’s close enough to the Petra Fortress to get reinforcements within a few hours, and it’s about a day’s journey from Kaero if you know your way about the desert. So somewhere in the south western part of Vetruvia probably closer to the coast since that’s how Argeon probably arrived in the first place, by ship.


I’ve assumed that it was somewhere close to the Aymara canyons or Akram desert. The reason why Scion Battalion Sajj is able to get there in a matter of hours is that they can Astral phase which is much faster than flying (IMO)

It’d also explain relatively well how Vaath and Starstrider were able to get to the Ruins since Vetruvian and Magaari are connected


It was a long walk to say the least…

Starhorn and his army had just recently reached Akram Desert after leaving Emberhorn Stronghold a few days earlier. It would still take 2 more days to reach the Ruins but Starhorn was patient.

“The key to everything is patience. You get the young Silithar by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.” said Starhorn.

“Uauhhauhh” replied the Makantor Warbeast next to him.

“Hmm, what a great answer! Well, I assume you are right about that.” sighed Starhorn.

Starhorn had lived too long, too many lifetimes, yet was always surprised by the simplest of things, things he mostly didn’t know or understand. He realized that it would be impossible to learn everything about the world, all its secrets, its mysteries… Nevertheless, he always sought to find the truth, the answer to his question, the solution to his problem… At the time, the problem was the ruins and the factions trying to claim it and the solution was none other than himself.

  • 2 Days later…

Starhorn finally arrived at his destination only to see chaos, destruction and death. Starhorn quickly gave orders to each of the three division leaders. The Moloki huntress was to guide her squadron composed of Grows, Rexes and 2 Kolossus around the Ruins and eliminate any threats they might find. The leader of the 2nd division was a Magma named “Huge” and he was tasked to protect Starhorn while half of his squadron composed of Magma were to assist Earthsister Taygete and follow her commands. As for Earthsister herself she along with the rest of the Magmar forces were now the main battling force.

“Taygete get ready your troops and prepare to charge! Huge you and your men follow me inside the ruins!” shouted Starhorn but before he could finish, a silhouette of a young woman appeared in front of them.

“Well hello Cassy, aren’t you a bit too young to play with the big boys?” smiled Starhorn

“SILENCE old lizard, I will have your head by the end of the day!” said Cassyva with an angry look on her face.

“Yes, yes, that’s lovely but if you could excuse me, I have work to do. Enjoy your youth while you still can” said Starhorn while passing right next to her totally ignoring the fact that Cassyva was one of the strongest Abbysian leaders.

“HOW DARE YOU!” shouted Cassyva and tried to attack Starhorn. Although she may look young she is indeed over 400 years old and VERY powerful able to summon a demon guardian to protect her at all times. However, that never stopped Starhorn from humiliating her especially in public.

“Hush now!” uttered Starhorn as he hit her with a dampening wave immediately followed by a tremor. Cassyva stood paralyzed and unable to move… a mysterious figure appeared behind Starhorn’s back. It quickly tried to hit him but instead missed. As retaliation Starhorn pierced the creature’s chest with his Twin Fang before realizing his mistake…“A Reaper of the nine moons” he muttered as he moved back preparing for another attack knowing that another monster would show up. The Reaper laughed as he slowly disintegrated into ashes and shadow from which another figure became visible. The Arrow Whistler! Though he had the same form his soul, consciousness and free will had been possessed by the Reaper. He was nothing but a slave obeying his master’s commands…“Poor thing…the suffering you must endure…I shall free you!” and with those words Starhorn kills him.

“You are creatures of the night, creatures that feed on pain, misery and hatred. You lack a heart and death is your only companion…You respect NOTHING and therefore I SHALL END YOU ALL!!!” growled Starhorn while baring his teeth.

“Down Master calm!” said Huge and continued, "Lose Yourself must not!

“Forgive me Huge but STEP BACK!!!” replied Starhorn and hit the gound with his mighty weapon while chanting in an ancient yet forgotten by most language. Suddenly, the earth shook and from underneath ginormous tectonic spikes penetrated the rock. The spikes killed everything in their path- be it Abbysian, Vetruvian or even Lyonar forces or whatever remained.

After the attack had ended, a person’s bodily shape came into sight. It was The Grand Magus. Albeit injured he could still fight and was certainly a dangerous opponent.

“Hello Starhorn my old friend. What brings you to this foul place?”, said the Owlbeast.

“Hello Magus. I’m here to secure the ruins, stop the fighting and bring Vaath back home. He unexpectedly left without even informing me. Can you believe it? Anyway, I hope that answers your question. Now… will you be kind enough to let me pass?” spoke Starhorn as he secretly prepared his weapon already knowing the answer to his question.

“I am afraid I cannot do so. You see I have been instructed by King Argeon himself to retrieve whatever is in these ruins and of course …-Kill everything in your way- …yes, I believe these are the exact words he used,” said the Owlbeast while trying to hold back his laughter.

“Very well, I see you have an Aegis Barrier in your possession. That will certainly make this more difficult for me. How about we call it a day, no?” said Starhorn meanwhile communicating using sign language with a Magma behind his back.

“AHAHAHA!!! EVEN STARHORN THE SEEKER FEARS ME I AM UNSTOPPABLE KNEEL BEFORE ME WORM !!!” and so The Grand Magus laughed not noticing the small magma next to him slowly transforming into his biggest fear… an EPHEMERAL SHROUD!!! All of the Owlbeast’s magical power were nullified by a tiny creature thus leaving him venerable to Starhorn’s magical attacks.

Eggmorph” he whispered into the Owlbeast ear and almost spontaneously he transformed The Grand Magus into an egg no bigger than his own head.

Huge was kinda of disappointed by the lack of action this battle had. “Master sure should so easy be?”

Starhorn then wisely answered, “I don’t have time for this. Lets go!” Afterwards he signaled Taygete to clear the courtyard from any enemies remaining and departed towards the interior of the ruins.

Having evaded dozens of traps set inside the ruins he finally reached the third floor.

“You see Huge they always make the same mistake. They never go up! All of them just rush straight down the catacombs. Why do you think this is a three-story building? Did you see that tall tower outside? During a specific time of the day light hits a mirror located in its upper most floor and then travels all the way over here opening a secret door! How did you expect to open the Vault if you didn’t have the key that is hidden inside that room of which I speak!” said Starhorn while trying to catch his breath.

"Confused Hugo be. How open light door? Time when right? How know you? "asked Hugo

“This here in front of us is the door. You cannot see it because it’s not the right time. We have to wait a couple of hours I think… If the door opens this year I mean and I know because I’ve been here before!” answered Starhorn while trying to find somewhere to sit and rest.

“Break door can we not?” asked yet again Hugo

“…yes…that also works…” said Starhorn after a small pause and without any more time to waste they broke the door and entered the secret room.

Once the door opened a massive razor stopped exactly in front of Starhorn’s forehead, almost piercing through it and gave Starhorn quite a scare. “I’m too old for this” he thought. Thankfully, because of time, the trap malfunctioned and they were able to proceed inside the room with no casualties.

The room was quite small as it should be since there wasn’t much space at the top of the ruin. Inside there were machines covered with dust. You could tell they hadn’t been used in ages, maybe centuries. In the center of the room lay a small calculating device just 1,5 meters above ground. In each of the corners of the room there were more machines with a lever on top of each. Basically, the entire place was filled with cogs, pipes, machines and not a single source of light or window. The Intruders were careful not to activate any traps or damage anything. They all moved slowly near the center with Starhorn leading. He ordered 2 Magmas to keep watch over the door and told the rest to stand back and let him think. He noticed strange symbols carved on the walls and concluded that he must first decipher the code if there was any hope of getting the key.

“Interesting…It’s a code…” he said while trying hard to hide the reality that he had no idea what to do. The next few minutes he tried to decide if the carvings were made 2 or 5 kalpa ago (hundred of years) which would mean that a totally different civilization created these. He knew that these ruins belonged to the ancient people of Tyvia but he could not remember who actually built them or when. Was it perhaps the Inxikrah? He had no clue.

“AHH… look what you made me do Huge! We opened the door too soon and now everything is broken! Nothing works!” shouted Starhorn not caring if he sounded irrational.

“Master but you sit there not touch thing, you know read?” said Huge feeling very insulted.

“No… I can’t read these… but I could if I had time! Give me another year and I will tell you exactly what it says and who wrote it!” Starhorn was now furious “Oh why are there so many languages!”

“Master this what is?” yelled Huge full of surprise and astonishment. The small Magma was looking at the small device in the middle of the room thoroughly inspecting it. The device that was rather tiny had several digits that one could press and a glass screen. Behind the screen were more numbers. Each time a digit was pressed a different number appeared on the screen. However, even if you pressed the same one a random number would show up. The device was supported by a hollow upright pillar made out of metal. One part of it was open so you could place small items inside it. At the bottom of the pillar lay a scale. Probably something should be dropped inside.

Starhorn pushed Huge away and started examining the device. He then turned away and headed towards a corner where he looked at the lever on top of it for more that 2 minutes. Huge, on the other hand, was curious to see how the device worked so he started examining it in his own way. He placed his left hand inside the small hole barely touching the scale at the bottom and with his right hand he started pressing the digits at random. Although not tall enough to see what he was pushing he persisted and was determined to unlock its secrets.

“NOOO WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU MIGHT BRAKE IT!!! STOP AT ONCE…oh” before The wise lizard could stop him, Huge somehow solved the puzzle. All at once the room started Moving. The machines were now awake and started working. One could see the cogs moving and they seemed to move from one wall to another. It was magnificent to see how the whole system worked. The room lit up and a cloud of dust filled the air. Soon afterwards, the air became clear again and one could see steam being pumped out of the pipes. The device in the middle slowly descended and in its place another column emerged- This time with a key right above it.

Starhorn took the key and told everyone to run out of the room. He was sure that some type of trap would be activated. To his surprise nothing happened.

As they were about to leave they saw Cassyva blocking their only exit.

Starhorn was not in the mood for more distractions “Oh please Cassy my dear why don’t you leave? Isn’t it bedtime already? Maybe I should call your mom, Lilithe”.

Cassyva was so exhausted and vexed that she didn’t see she had set off a trap. With no warning a boulder hit her leaving her unconscious on the floor.

“Isn’t it just lovely when your problems disappear on their own? Now Huge, let’s go find Vaath” commented Starhorn.

Please don’t kill Starhorn :innocent:


no promises, (nearly) all the horrors (who refuse to smash eggs) are dead


On the plateau overlooking the ruins…

“We’ve been camped here for two days, and the good captain is starting to test my nerves.” Hirch complained. “Yea, his presence has become rather tiring, but he’s hiding something. That story about being overwhelmed by Abyssian abominations and a legion of Lyonar fighters doesn’t add up. Where did the spikes that littered the field come from?” Col replied. When they went out to search for survivors the day they found Oberon, Col and Hirch ventured into the battlefield and found scores of dead impaled by massive spikes. “We should interrogate him, I vote the twins interrogate him.” Hirch suggested. While that would certainly get Oberon talking Col remembered the last time the twins interrogated someone. “I’ed rather not have to deal with another mess that big. No I think I’ll have a word with him.” Col said drily.

At the camp Oberon sat on a rock watching the twins spar with their staves. His internal wounds had healed well enough he figured and his sandshield had been welded closed, rather sloppily, but closed none the less. Footsteps behind Oberon alerted the captain to Col’s approach. The Portal Guardian sat next to Oberon and watched as his brothers sparred with simple strikes and parries. “So, what actually happened before we arrived?” Col blatantly asked. Oberon, taken aback by the blunt question took a rather long pause before answering. “Alright, so the fight wasn’t that one sided, if anything before the damned Lyonar showed up we were in a decent position against the Abyssian incursion.” He noticed Col imitating his favorite facial gesture, a raised eyebrow. “Alright we had been routed and most of the regiment was already dead, it didn’t help that some damned bird thing showed up and razed half the battlefield, any passer by seeing that bit of the battle would probably have thought that they were having some kind of a fever dream.” Oberon said. “It looked like a Lyonar victory, but you saw the spikes. I don’t know where they came from but it happened so suddenly. One second they were cheering and the next they were dead.” Oberon finished his thought with a sigh. The two sat and watched the twins finish their spar, they seemed evenly matched predicting the other’s move before it could happen. Both bowed signaling a draw in their spar. “So what’s with the weapons, don’t you Portal Guardians use the earth and sand as a weapon?” Oberon asked as Col sat silently staring at where the twins were just sparring. “That’s a long story, a very long story. I’ll say this much one of my brothers had traveled all over Mythron met many friends and foes. He said the day he had gotten lost in the jungles of Shim’zar was the day he begun to master the one thing all Portal Guardians share.” “Your geokinesis?” Oberon asked interrupting Col. “Yea, that little gift. Anyways my brother had been lost in that jungle for weeks trying to escape, he had almost died too. But an old magari sage found him, brother usually skimmed over this part when he told the story, but he said he spent a year attempting to master that weird plasma the Aspects use.” Col said staring ahead still. “He never did learn how to use it, but during his time there he became more attuned to nature and the earth beneath us. Course it would be a couple more years before he’d return since he somehow ended up a captive of the Lyonar.” Col continued. “When Brother had returned he was different, more relaxed. Of course we challenged him to spar when we had the chance, well suffice to say that I was picking sand out of my sandshield for a week, but he passed on what he learned to us. Well the twins, Hirch and I anyways.” “What did he teach you?” Oberon asked as his interest grew. “He taught us how to shape the earth with more finesse, he made us a bit more flexible than the other Guardians in House Sandseer. We were ecstatic with our new knowledge, we solely fought with what our brother had taught us developing it further. Course Brother easily outclassed us, but that would be his weakness. Same for all of us.” Col took a breath and looked over to Oberon and said, “A Portal Guardian’s weakness is their reliance on geokinesis, we had basic combat training yes, but if our geokinesis failed any opponent with minimal combat experience could fight us in melee.” “Brother learned about this weakness weeks after lord Starstrider began to search for a new right hand, not a literal one. Brother was confident and his time away from the Imperium taught him how to fight more effectively.” Col tapped his pauldron as he finished his sentence. “This was one of my brother’s weapons, but he gave it to me. Anyways my brother had decided to become lord Starstrider’s new right hand, but he had to fight the only other candidate. That other candidate was the new Scioness, Zirix planned to make her his right hand but had decided to test her with a trial by combat.” Col paused before continuing. “The duel was brief, whatever the Scioness did she wasn’t capable of controlling it and my brother lost his left arm. Pretty much why I have his shield. That was when Brother realized he lost not because his opponent had power, but because he relied too much on geokinesis.” “Is this story going anywhere?” Oberon asked interrupting Col a second time. “Yes, yes I suppose I’ll skip the whole being bedridden for a month and getting a new arm part. Brother wandered around the Akram Desert for months, he claimed it was for training. But when he returned and sparred with us he had easily defeated us, even when we pulled out all the stops.” “How did he beat you?” Oberon asked with a tinge of sarcasm since he knew that Col disliked being interrupted while telling this story. “He learned to incorporate geokinesis with the use of a weapon. You should’ve seen the way he could make sand bend around Lightning Watcher.” Col chuckled at that memory. “Anyways he took us with him, to the desert of course and taught us how to do the same. A whole year we were out there and most of it wasn’t spent learning fancy fighting techniques. Nah, we spent most of it meditating, becoming more attuned to nature so that we could better control the sand and earth beneath us.” Col said as a plume of sand danced in around his hand. “But as for the whole incorporation of geokinesis with our weapons, well that was all trial and error. We were clumsy, constantly got in each other’s way, the last bit of that year we were out there was spent learning how to fight together. Suffice to say we pretty much mastered the art of fighting as a unit in that time, course we’d be happy to demonstrate this should the need arise.” Col concluded chuckling a little. “Alright we should get back to the others, looks like they got the camp fire started.” Col said as he helped Oberon to his feet. Not saying anything else the pair made their way back to the camp fire for the night.


Argeon had returned to Windcliffe and decided to prepare a massive crusade against the Vetruvian Imperium to not only claim more territory but to also claim the ruins. A massive war over an ancient building was brewing.


it seems everyone forgot about the game


Argeon already got knocked out, I don’t believe in reviving my character too much. Had fun writing my bit anyway, so I’m satisfied :slight_smile:


ya i just wanted an owlbeast god to kill things, I didn’t really care about the ruins


Scioness Sajj was known as one of the Shamed within the Imperium. Despite her status as a failed product, she was treated with respect due to her being one of Grand Inventor Zirix’s creations. Desiring to prove her worth to her master, she enrolled in the army and was stationed in one of the most brutal units within the army. A unit which she quickly made her own. In due time, as her accomplishments grew in repute and her name known, she yearned ever greater for her masters praise. This newest assignment, she hoped, would bring her that praise and for that, she was rightly disgruntled when her path was blocked by a group of Portal Guardians…

“Stop!” Brother Col exclaimed, “We have vital information on the enemy here!”
“What use is that information when we crush them either way?”
“Well? If you’ve got nothing to say I’ve got a mission to finish and scum to cleanse.” With that, Sajj and her battalion went to move on, but as she passed Elder Col she heard,
"It’s a request from Lord Zirix."
At that,

And that’s where procrastination and lack of inspiration hit me :sweat_smile:


I guess I could extend this for a while longer, mostly because a conclusion hasn’t been reached with the ruins, really up to everyone else.


Technically the worm reigns supreme over the ruins. Vetruvia’ll probably end up calling back it’s forces to repulseor beast the Lyonar forces, Starhorn was finally caught by the authorities for flashing taygete, and Lilith got a cold from overexposure (or she found one of the surviving lyonar forces to be her newest “boytoy”). Zir’an was also grounded by Zir for passing her bedtime (why do you think she was never seen in the first place?)


But seriously though. Who wants the story to continue?

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Unfortunately, due to school and homework I wont be able to post frequently (sorry) so is anyone interested in joining the Magmar faction? Could use some help to be honest :sweat_smile:


Vaath bursts into the room using his feminine wiles to seduce every monster in the room, Boom! Story.


the worm is seduced, but vaath doesnt know that the worm eats its mate. just like spiders and mantises.


The other monsters beat the worm to death to save their Husbando/Waifu.


Guys this is more complicated than the actual game

You’ve went too far


the worm eats them too. they will be together, digested in the worms stomach


relevant 15 chrctrs