Reclaim the Ruins! [Forums Game]


im still kinda suprised that nobodies killed my monstrous horrors yet


Argeon didn’t get deep enough into the Ruins to stop them at the source, but he did choke some out when he stormed the outer wall. Problem is apparently the highly trained Lyonar armies don’t carry removal for Bloodmoon Priestesses :rolling_eyes: Abyssian’s such a strong faction for this kind of game because BM Priestess and Necromancy allow them to fight forever without running out of resources (ok i am a little salty)


well, the main abyss force killed themselves after killing the lyonar forces (for what i can only assume would be some sort of ritual) so if some other force came now, they would only have the hoard to deal with.


Vetruvians: We’ll get there eventually!


they were doing really well until they let horrors inside their camp


What can I say, it’s just that Deus definitely did not Vult your forces.

What’s to say Z’ir didn’t flee the scene, and beocme the new host for Argeon…

Plus they did have removal, their solar carpet bombing, which I took out, by cheating, :grin: lolz rulez.


Weighing my unhappiness with the loss against my glee at the phrase “solar carpet bombing”.


Temper your unhappiness by coming up with more awesome names to conquer the ruins with.

Im the undefeated champion so far and i cant decide if its more fun to keep going with the horrors or to figure something out for when the second seal breaks.


I’m quite sure I coined that term. I’d participate but this is the slightest bit too complex for me.


You just have to roleplay some guys trying to invade some ruins(currently infested with legions of horrors and a few golems)


Unh-unh You said Solar-Powered Carpet Bombing BIGASS DIFFERENCE


Quick question because the story is a little confusing for me rn: who is currently controlling the Ruins? Are the vanilla Abyssians completely wiped out? Are the horrors + Juggernaut the only ones on the premises?


Save for some possible Abyssian shenanigans currently the Horror Burster infestation controls the Ruins, currently Starhorn the Seeker and the group of Portal Guardians are en route to the ruins


On the last leg of the journey the 9 Portal Guardians were hastening their pace when they spotted a beaten and battered form on the ground. Hirch, being the first one to spot the form quickly rushed to tell the others when a weak voice came from it. “Hirch, is that you?” The form asked weakly. Hirch chose not to respond, but instead inches closer, readying his magyc as a precaution. Upon a closer inspection, a deep sense of dread overcomes him as he spots the Imperial insignia engraved into the figures torn and battered cloak, after all, there was only one report of an imperial force being sent out to this portion of the desert…

“Obreon! By the stars, what happened!”

Oberon reports his finding of the bandit group, the subsequent fight against the horde down below, and the final confrontation with both the Abyssian menace and the Lyonar forces. The news of the unexpected forces this deep in Vetruvian lands only deepened Hirch’s scowl moreso that they’d be in large enough power to overwhelm one as strong as Oberon. Foreboding news, the likes of which Hirch had to share with the others. However, the treatment of cousin Oberon came first.

Later that night, after Hirch had used his power to cauterize Oberon’s shield, the Guardians gathered around discussing the information they had just acquired. Just as they were getting to the part about Tim, Aeros ,the guardian holding the Thunderclap, spotted a wind strike bearing the emblem of the Petra Guard fly by. Using his the light from the Thunderclap, he called it down and read the report it was bearing. ‘Scion Battalion Sajj en route to Ruins, ETA 10 hours.’ The Guardians looked at each other for the Sajj Battalion was known as one of the most ruthless and skilled groups of warriors in all of Vetruvia. Known for their mastery of the blood arts, it’s said that they took down the infamous Sand Howlers, raiders that terrorized the area of the Akram desert, within a single day despite being out numbered 8:1. The Guardians had their reinforcements…

~Back in the Ruins~

The Golems were trapped. After discovering their Stormmetal bretheren, they felt brace enough to try and venture up into the higher floors to once again meet up with the one clad in gold and flesh. What they saw was…unexpected. A Dragon Bone golem, tinged green, was waiting in the hallway. As the two groups stated at each other in shocked silences, the DragonBone let out an ear shattering roar and charged at the group! Barely reacting the group jumped out of the way as the crashed itself into the wall just behind the group. Quickly rallying a counterattack, the superior numbers of Golems swiftly dismantled the enraged golem. A screech rang through the air and the Golems short-lived respite ended.

Three hours later the group were back at the first seal. Covered in viscera and with nowhere left to run, the boulder breacher and 2 Stormmetal Golems were desperately digging at the Second seal when it burst outwards blowing back the Golems and for a moment there was complete silence within the cavern. That is, until a deafening grinding sound emerged from the darkened Vault seal. The last thing any of them, horror and golem alike, saw were the rows upon rows of teeth surrounding the red eye…

Remaining Ruin forces


  • All Golems unaligned with Abyssian M.I.A
  • Lilith and horde roam the halls
  • Vetruvian Forces inbound


Well, that’s about to change.

Among the commotion, a sixth party entered the fray. Clothed in the shadows, kaleos observed the door in front of him. Though this side of the ruin had fared quite well, rumors had spread fast about the denizens of the ruins. Unlike the other doors, this one was light and weak, almost as if it wanted to be opened. It was a trap.

He phased through to the middle of the room. A snap of his fingers was all that was needed to bring his 3 allies inside with him. Unlike the other rooms, this room was illuminated quite well. On the floors lay a viscous goop which clung to the soles of his shoes. Tar. Kaleos smiled.

Gesturing to the figure on his left, he pointed to the huge stone door in front of them. The boar, imbued with the strength of a tiger, shattered it easily. The deed done, it now disappeared, reappearing outside the ruins.

The trio continued into the spacious room. Drip, drip, drip. The pando on his leash nuzzled kaleos’ arm affectionately. Then it froze.

Sat on a pedestal at the end of the room was a horror, bursters squirming around him. Though they initially watched their master with delight. A deafening roar made them turn their attention to the intruders. Kaleos turned to the humanoid figue next to him. Conjuring a phoenix fire, he hurled it in the air.

In a puff of smoke, kaleos had disappeared. The humanoid figure clad in dark blue grinned. Before the fireball had hit the ground, the horrors had already descended upon the pando. It levelled the ground, killing all of the bursters in the ruins.

Unbeknownst to kaleos, it had also eliminated all of the bursters that had escaped the ruins, as well as all of the juggernaut’s eggs. The final egg spawned was instantly mutated, along with its progenitor, into a horror. With no bursters remaining, there was no way to reproduce, but the swarm now consisted only of the ever powerful horrors. Among the dead lay all of vetruvian’s pyromancers.

Outside, Kaleos strolled away from the inferno behind him. On a long leash was a boar, tethered to the humamoid figure. In the moonlight, the dragon tattoo om the back of his palm shone.


whether the second seal was unlocked by the deaths of the horror bursters or the deaths were caused by the opening of the second seal, nobody knows.and frankly it doesnt matter.

but the worm will not be bested so easily.

for every death, every spell cast, every ability used on these grounds, the worm grew stronger.


I envisioned a giant Rae spewing mother worm, but it’s good to get away from the OP swarm :kissing_heart:

It also says I’m not permitted to view the resource when I try to like your post. :confused: explanation please, @moderators ?

EDIT: it stopped, but I’m still curious as to what happened


It was either this, rae, or gloomchaser. I just figured chaser wasnt threatening enoough.
The oculus ability ties in nicely with the story compared to rae


Would make a meme about the girl with the dragon tattoo, but this isn’t the meme thread


“A ruins you say?” a lone figure asked himself under his breath as he turned to face the communications mage.

“Yes, Grand Magus. General Highmayne has personally requested for reinforcements! Just minutes ago, the Lyonar offensive suffered tremendous losses from a Vetruvian and Abyssian reprisal attack!”

The Grand Magus sighed. “An eye for a head, a tooth for a jaw. Such is the creed of the sand people and tapeworm creatures.”

“Argeon has requested reinforcements, but it isn’t known if they will make it in time.”

The Grand Magus shook his head slowly as he ripped a hole in space-time and peered into the inner workings of fate.

“Long ago, King Argeon bestowed a gift upon me that allowed me to live through a vicious fight with the sand people. It is now time to repay the favor. Prepare the Translocator Eye.”

The communications mage nodded. “It shall be done.”

The Grand Magus watched the communications mage depart, and examined his necklace. “It still gleams so brightly, even after so many seasons. It looks just like when he first bestowed it upon me, I daresay.”

As the Grand Magus signaled the communications mage, a tremendous burst of wild arcane energy hit him.

The sky turned dark and earth spun as he seemed to be pulled through an infinitely thin tube. Luckily, his feathers protected him from the unforgiving cold. Even still, a thin layer of frost began to form as he rocketed through the void towards his destination.

Suddenly and without warning, the Grand Magus arrived. The sundered skies reattached themselves to form a magically sealed ceiling and the earth righted itself to form a bloody hill littered with broken carcasses.

Projectiles, both physical and arcane flew wildly through the dry, thin air. Nearby, a row of Silverguards and Windblades ignited as a blast of wild flame greedily consumed them.

The Grand Magus raised his staff and absorbed the excess arcane energy leaked from the attack and snorted coldly. He then slammed the staff into the ground and channeled the absorbed energy out in a magnificent blast. Instantly, dervishes and wraithlings in a twenty wing radius turned to ashes and vanished in the wind.

A hush quickly fell on the battlefield as the combatants realized the scale of the attack unleashed. All eyes instantly turned to face the lone figure surrounded by floating ashes and glistening dust.

Without hesitation, Lilith Blightchaser pointed her staff at a wraithling and transformed it into a deadly killing curse which flew towards the God of Death that had just moments ago, appeared on the battlefield. Unexpectedly, moments before it reached its target, a blinding golden light appeared out of the target’s necklace and completely blocked the Ritual Banishing.

Lilith’s pupil instantly narrowed.

“A sacred Aegis Barrier? How interesting,” Oberon mumbled. “I would never have expected a mere Owlbeast to be gifted one of these.”

However, on closer inspection, the Emperor of the Sands suddenly realized that all the mana on the battlefield had drained into the Owlbeast.

“Retreat!” he suddenly shouted.

The dervishes and other assorted sand people instantly exited combat and began to flee from the now unprofitable battle.

Apparently, Lilith had similar ideas as the wraithling army turned to run.

Unexpectedly, the God of Death did not give chase. Instead, he focused on the trace arcane energies in the air and carefully studied them.

Suddenly, the edges of his lips curled upwards in a vicious smile. With a wave of his staff, he spent the remnants of his mana.

Two Aymara Healers and a Klaxon suddenly started twitching madly. The Klaxon turned and raised its sword. Every soldier’s eyes went wide as they watched the blinding sword light slash downwards and slay a bloodmoon priestess. Similarly, the Aymaras began killing nearby Mechanysts like cattle at a slaughterhouse. The Klaxon and Aymaras were rapidly killed off, but the damage had already been done.

What little will to fight the Vetruvians and Abyssians had, was now completely gone… While earlier, they had retreated in an organized manner, it was not so this time. Creatures and sand people alike fled for their lives from the reaper of death.

A final hurrumph and the mad laughter of King Argeon echoed in the ears of the combatants as the Translocator Eye activated again and the God of Death finally departed from the battlefield.