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Recently got 3 of my friends to try out Duelyst, do any of you have spare Humble Bundle codes?


Hey all,

I got 3 of my friends interested in Duelyst and they’ve been playing for a few days now. I know there were Humble Bundle codes going around that give 20 orbs to new players. Do any of you happen to have spares? They’ll refer you in return. Please send me a private message if you have a code, I’m sure my friends’ll really appreciate the early boost.


Hiya, and welcome to the game! Sorry to inform you that the codes are no longer redeemable.

Since this has been answered in a few threads, I’m gonna go ahead and lock this one and ask you to use the search function for questions like these in the future.

However, please feel free to make an introduction thread, and tell your friends to come on over too, if they like; we don’t bite!

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