Rebuilding Cassyva - and struggling


So I’ve tried to adapt my Cassyva List to the new expansion, mainly because there is so many incredibly strong tools added to aggro factions that it can be incredibly hard to not get overwhelmed. So far, I found myself struggling to have efficient plays very often where I did not before.

I guess it might be a little early, but where do you guys think the fundamental error might lie?


Against aggro, you need to have more proactive, faster cards, instead of slow, value and reactive cards. But you need to have some for removals as well.

-3 Cryptographer as it is not really worth it in cass, because it only allows you 1 extra ping damage, not too much, it also transitions to just 1 extra damage for Obliterate. Not really worth it.
+1/2 shrouds, in this answer or die meta, you need more tools to deal with the abundance of threats, so having more shrouds will definitely help you to survive slightly longer.
-1 Grandmaster Variax, amazing card, a card that can win you the late game. But aggro decks kill you before then, it will work in a slower meta but not now.
-1 Breath of the unborn, too situational and you spend 4 just to deal a 1 damage 2x2 AOE, not really enough to remove anything.

Add in more 2 drops like x3 mystic to help out your early game and have some additional heals. You can also drop x1 abyssal crawler if you find it to be a dead card in the mid to late game a lot of the times. Or if you run into a lot of blood tears and cassy. Grasp of agony is a card that depends on the player’s preferences. Swap it out if it doesnt do enough, keep it if you think it’s working out for you.

Can consider removing x1 spectral blade for x1 Ghsot Azalea to have 1 more win condition that can be used to pressure your oppnent earlier on.

Add in some dancing blades, x2 or x3 to help out with your midgame. Or keep Grandmaster and add some reaper of the 9 moons if you face more control decks.

You can also add some rust crawlers if you run into a lot of artifacts, or blood tears as an alternative if you find yourself needing the extra 1 damage to fight minions and have some way to fight artifacts as well.


Variax is too slow atm so 2 obliterates are pretty nice.
I’ve been experimenting with Horror burster in Cassyva deck and it kinda works when you’re ahead of the board but it should be never played when Juggernaut is on board (exception if juggernaut is dispelled).
Suprisingly Sojourner has been working really well for me after the patch but I still have one backup Rite of undervault in deck also Horror burster + Sojourner is pretty nice.
Anyways since this meta is pretty aggro oriented some sort of Fast Cassyva will be the best Cassyva atm I think.
Haven’t really been twiddling with my fast decks yet.


What do you guys think about this?


I’m not sure about skipping on void pulse - seems like such a great way to deal with aggro in combination with kelaino?


It’s ok for me to get rid of the void pulse. Sojourner is a decent 3 drop here. I only have 2 Spectral Rev, so an extra Klaxon is doing quite well in replace. How abt adding a Ghost Azalea, that artifact is great right?


Ive been using this. Nothing really new about it other than punish. Reavers there cuz idont have any revenants.


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