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Reborn in Darkness - Non Meta

Hey guys. Couldn’t think of a good name. Went with edge.

Been dueling for about 2 years now and this deck is probably my first original that helped me place up to gold a few months back. I based it around “Unleash the Evil” as I had never seen anyone use it.

I am pretty casual so I can’t say how it performs at the highest tiers. Its versatility makes games have a crazy smooth flow to them but can depend on the opponent your facing due to the RNG cards. Good pulls really make this deck shine but it doesn’t entirely rely on it.


Curious about other people’s thoughts. It probably fails hardest against swarm decks which is why I added in Necrotic Sphere, but it’s pretty situational since you’ll at most get 2 or 3 minions on average. Thanks!

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The day unleash the evil is meta is the day Worldcore golem is meta. Aka never

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Unleash the Evil is one of these cards which seems first really cool but then you realize it is super reactive, situational and sucks hard :smiley:


Can’t really see a very cohesive game plan.

With Unleash, you shouldn’t have Variax. No need for two things at the high cost at 8.

You have a very aggressive side: Maehv, Bonecrusher, Void Talon.
If you go too aggressive game will end before 8 mana :sweat_smile:.

Then a control side: Sentinel, Nightsorrow, Necrotic Sphere.
Then some Consuming Rebirth interactions for some reasons.
Then Void Steal which works better in more swarmy decks.
Then a 1-of Rite. With a weird deck curve gonna be hard to empty hand nicely to prepare and use Rite. Just look at that deck graph. Try to make it smoother.

A suggest Chakram. Unleash + Frenzy just sounds good. Also helps deal with swarm.
You could also try Breath of Unborn for AOE. Might be costly but still does the job and works well with Shaman.
More Anti-swarm AOE is good. Discourage your opponent from swarming so they put bigger minions so you can hit with Unleash.
Maybe even try Thunderhorn (with Lure).

You should have some healing to survive until 8 mana.

@deathsadvocate Any good Unleash deck ideas?


Here’s my steal deck (Unleash is at 1x though because it’s really hard to justify as anything else) Miguel's Abyss deck and discussion space

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It’s impossible. The finisher that depends on the opponent’s plays can’t result in a good deck.


The deck is sort of a gambling thrill. It doesn’t have necessarily a game plan because it depends on the faction you’re fighting and the pulls. I’ve never found myself in an unwinnable situation unless it was against a swarm deck. The process typically involves constant minion trades and hard removal as you whittle down the enemy general. Thanks to Shaman and the Demonic +1/+1 you typically always have atleast one or two minions left after trading while the enemy field is clear.

It actually kind of lives off of the Consuming Rebirth interactions because it can save you from bad pulls. Or at least it always has for me. Azure for health and Grimes for a 3rd minion drop. Plus it always makes Bonecrusher a prime target/taunt and forces removal or a minion trade. Also went with Maehv cause she can proc Grimes and Azure. Only find myself using it if I don’t have Consuming or if I don’t have Azure and need to upgrade Nightsorrow/Grimes. Void is there to improve trading potential. I find myself mid game with minions running low on health and it gets you that last burst to clear the field regardless of what they have and you somehow still having minions with one or two health.

Rite is only in there for late game as this deck doesn’t really need anymore draw to it. But yeah. It’s just kind of. There. I’ve only ever used it if the game goes a turn or two past 9 mana.

Chakram does sound pretty great, will probably replace Variax.

Thanks a bunch!

Welllllll. Finishers that use the opponent’s deck is a lot better


I also can’t justify Unleash in anyway in the deck like @miguelosz can, my preferred deck curve ends at 5 with Nether and Rot9M (rip rite, 6 mana is too expensive).

Also I feel like this deck needs some DFS and bodies that can proc it to get Variax out at all.

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Sorry, no ideas for unleash, I do not like it, nor do I think it is good.

But here is my Variax list for reference as this seems to be the direction this is leaning:

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