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@RyanH You’re the one for gimmick deck building, so I figured to propose the start of a gimmick and see how you run with it. Here’s the start:

Idea: BBS’s for Zyx and Illusionist (and its summons). Hailstone to retrieve a zyx or crypto.

Challenge accepted? :slight_smile:


Challenge accepted!

As someone who already tried deck’s around kara’s BBS, I recommend snow chaser. Having them go back and forth, from your hand to the board, makes sure you have something that can benefit from the BBS and if you don’t need them you can allways replace them.

If you want to go full meme, you can add firestarter. He’s hard to keep on board, but I got some sweet wins comboed with lightning blitz.

Owlbeast sage works well if you go the arcanyst route. But it does not particularly synergize with the BBS. (+2 health per use is still great)

Sanguinar is another 4 drop that could be considered. A lot of time you just won’t have enough mana to use the BBS AND put minions down. It also helps when you want to chain cryptomancers.

Edit This is the deck I am currently running with kara in diamond. The idea was to have a smooth curve with minions that can benefit from kara’s BBS.


Unfortunately, Hailstone simply isn’t used well on your own minions, and Illusionist has anti-synergy with Kara’s BBS. Perhaps with something like Kron instead, where the BBS can be used to full effect.


You can use Hailstone on Jax Truesight. You just return the main dude but leave each mini jax hiding in the corner.


True! Difficult to pull off though, and usually means you’re running Hailstone for that combo only.




Yeah, it has only happened to me once but it was some pretty hardcore mindgaming. I was playing Magmar, so it was obvious I was running Blistering Skorn. He dropped Jax and recalled and I was like crap. I can’t clear it because he will just drop it again and I have no AoE to wipe the second one. I was forced to hold onto my Skorn until he dropped his next one and he had forced me into the corner before hand. I honestly don’t remember if I won or lost that game but it was definitely a super cool match.


I have a Faie list running Prismatic Illusionist, and I believe it could be played with Kara as well without any changes. I use Alcuin Loremaster in a similar way you plan on using Hailstone Prison but I don’t think it is a strong enough strategy to build a deck around.

Missing card is 1x Frostburn, not sure why the icon didn’t show up.


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