Reaper of the RNG


Probably a lot of you people heard about that famous other online TCG where where the developers has a weird notion about RNG = FUN, and I have a feeling at least half of the active playerbase left that other game because we didn’t agree with that statement. This is a card that when played will piss one of the players off, either by drawing something useless or by drawing a huge late game threat that results in an auto-concede. Why is this card still in the game?


Because at this point you can’t really take it out and you can’t rework it either for the very reason you make this thread: RNG.
It’s an RNG card. It’s not fundamentally broken. It’s just that some times, gambling has its moments.
What do you want to do with it ? It’s fine as it is, just that the whole thing is a gamble, where you always win, and I’m always in for that.


Because it’s not all that strong.


I run him in my swarm deck, and his main use is just making it so my opponent can’t run away from the swarm until they draw AoE. His dying wish very rarely results in a game winning minion. It’s just statistics, most decks run more low-cost minions than high cost, plus it doesn’t even activate opening gambit, I remember once he died and i got a jax truesight. God, I was so rotted.


Just to jump in, half is a gross, gross exaggeration. At worst, 10% of Hearthstone players might have left because they couldn’t stand RNG. At the end of the day, people like RNG more than they hate it. It’s what lets you pull off clutch Rag plays, or turns around a game with just the right Sylvanas swap. It gives people that glimmer of hope that any game isn’t entirely lost. Unless you’re against Midrange Shaman.


This card strength is based on the metagame .The couple of times the meta was actually slow and had greedy decks Reaper of 9 moons was gross and disgusting BUT when the meta isn’t slow the card is fine.Yes there is rng but aggro cards currently aren’t scary as control cards and as long duelyst is uptempo and fast pace it is not going to be problem.

Reaper of 9 moons is a greed punishment card,It was always hilarious watching people complaining about 9 moons when your deck was 3 grandmaster Zirs, 3 elyx,3 ironcliffs or 3 kyhmeras,3 Silthar Elders, 3 warbeasts, 3 Archon Spellbinders.What do think Reaper is going to pull?


Something that is worth noting is that Reaper is much much stronger when played against slower decks with strong minions. In aggro they will usually just get a 2 drop, maybe a 4 drop that you can take out without too much difficulty. If you are playing Keeper Magmar then Reaper is going to be a gamechanging unit almost everytime.

There is also slight counterplay that you can do when facing Reaper. Look at the cards in your hand. Replace the weakest one so that it goes back in your deck before killing Reaper/ending your turn. This way Reaper has a slightly higher chance of pulling that weak card rather than you stronger ones.

Reaper can be annoying for me as well, as I am mostly a control/midrange player myself but it isn’t always a gamechanger.


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