Reaper of the Nine Moons should spawn its summon near your General for more synergy with Consuming Rebirth



This is my first topic thread on this forum. I humbly ask that cynicism be checked at the door with any other baggage concerning this topic, as I think I’ve got a new spin on an old card in terms of points to be made. If you disagree, see that you do it without flaming, after thoroughly reading my entire post. I’m not interested in people being jaded due to saturation with similar topics that miss the mark I’m aiming for.

I posted on an old thread regarding Dioltas a minute ago after signing in for the first time, though I’ve been playing since July. Since August I’ve been testing minions with DYING WISH, working on synergy for a thematic and competitive deck aimed at S-Rank while grinding out cards to see if I could do something different and well…cool with Abyssian.

PROPSAL: Why Consuming Rebirth and Reaper of the Nine Moons should Synergize more, while also addressing Reaper’s balance as a card.

I propose that it should work like Dioltas, and spawn the stolen minion near your General, so that whatever great creature it is can’t just randomly win a game instantly if you’re not near the enemy General. AND so that Consuming Rebirth becomes a bit more viable, since Reaper is generally considered to be one of the better DYING WISH minions in the game.

What I’ve found is that Consuming Rebirth is utterly useless with Reaper of the Nine Moons. There’s absolutely no synergy there. Whereas for every single other DYING WISH card in the game the synergy of using that card exists. Because Reaper re-spawns in the same place without generating the stolen creature, it negates any real reason to use these two cards together tactically (which I get into more in the tactics section of this post.)

While I like that you steal a minion from an opponents deck, I feel that this hurts Consuming Rebirth as a spell choice. Most people overlook it because there simply aren’t many cards which work well with it beyond say a larger minion like Vorpal Reaver.

At the same time, I see a lot of people complain about how unfair Reaper can be if a great creature randomly is stolen right next to where it died (which is typically next to the opponents general about 95% of the time when I game with Reaper).

Skill and Tactics Vs Random and potentially unfair results.

I like the idea of thematic decks which have a lot of combo synergy, but which are also fair. Reaper feels clunky to me, not just random, but when it works out in your favor there’s not a lot of skill or planning going on, changing it like this would give it more tactical viability since you would look to combo these two cards more often instead of just hoping for the best.

Should the summon be random, or maybe a 4/2 Wraithling-Family minion that spawns next to your general?

As for the random summon, if it’s still considered too strong after that, maybe changing the summon to a new type of Wraithling-Family minion…maybe a 4/2 (So -1/-1 from the base stats, and without flying.) so that it’s a shade, or a shadow of the reaper maybe. Essentially making it a glass cannon that can’t tank it’s way to being too much of a threat.

This is in keeping with the theme of Bloodmoon Priestess who also summons Wraithlings for example. Something along these lines would be better (in that it would be consistant, but never an insane summon that couldn’t be dealt with by an opponent). It balances out when you consider that it would be near your General, and not where the Reaper died, you wouldn’t always have another beat-stick to use offensively without risking your General in the thick of things.

I was thinking we could call it a “Wraith Shade”, or a “Twisted Shade” but have it count as a Wraithling?


*Also I’m editing this main post a bit here, sorry it’s a novel, but I just want to get my points across without there being confusion. :smile_cat:


Would be kinda cool, I like playing my dying wish deck and I’ve often wished consuming rebirth would work on Reaper, but it might be too much of a buff? idk.


Honestly I wish wraithling would be a type of minion like vesper or archanist. That way there could be a lot more wraithling synergy and more wraithling cards in general. Also if the little guys are wraithlings where’s my straight up wraith :slight_smile:



That’s why I was thinking a single 4/4 Wraithling with Wraithing Fury might be better than the random summon, if it was near your general.

If you’re any real distance from the opponents general, then you won’t pose an immediate threat, plus it’s not too strong of creature to deal with in terms of committing minions to handle it.

If the random summon is still too powerful in circumstances where the best creatures get stolen, then this way it’s a decent beatstick, who can’t just fly back and cause more damage immediately.

AND Consuming Rebirth starts being a lot more viable as a spell slot for cards that aren’t too expensive.



I feel much the same, that’s why I think maybe the 4/4 Wraithling Furied Wraithling might be more appropriate due to theme.

Yes, it’s fairly strong, but it wouldn’t have abilities like provoke or anything like Kron used to pump out. Also, since it wouldn’t be a few 1/1’s or 2/2’s, then it’s a single target, which is actually less likely to be abused with face damage dealing spells like Shadow Reflection, Soul Shatter Pact, Wraithling Fury, and Deathfire Crescendo.

If it’s more than one small creature, then you know something will get pumped in turn, or it fuels things like Shadowdancer and Bloodmoon Priestess too much.

If it’s a single kinda tough guy, you get a strong creature, but a single denial card can answer it easier.

Also a new type of Wraithling-style creature could be introduced to keep balance more in check…maybe a 4/2 (So -1/-1 from the base stats, and without flying.) so that it’s a shade, or a shadow of the reaper maybe.


Just a slight mention, but a wraithling with Wraithling fury would be a 5/5 (it gives 4/4 stats to a 1/1 wraithling). Besides the point, I really like your proposed change for Rot9m, especially by dealing with its random effects.


@akurane Ah I didn’t think about it that way haha, I misremembered that it’s +4/+4…instead of making it a 4/4 (Sadly I never use that spell either since it’s hard to implement well).

What do you think about the “Wraith Shade” idea. a 4/2 without abilities that appears near the general?

EDIT: I edited things up top for that idea. The more I thought about it, the more it seems balanced. So no more 4/4, now it’s just a 4/2 with no abilities.



Tomorrow when I get a chance, I’m going to edit the original post to be a bit more succinct around changing the summon to a 4/2 near your General. The more I look at it, the better that sounds to me.


Sounds good. At least better than the current garbage random design with its insane variance. Seriously whoever came up with this shite and thought it was a good idea I hope he gets a lump of coal this year from the office Santa.


I feel that’s a very unfriendly thing to say towards the devs and totally not warranted, even if you dislike a design they made.
I also do not agree. I like there to be cards like this. The broader the design variety the better, imo :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great idea. I like the spawn near your general idea for both reasons, it’d be nice to play decks like that and see them more.

Not sure how often they take community ideas as I’m not active on the forums, but I think this is great!


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