Reaper Obscurity Deck - Updated!


Hello all, here’s the new deck:

Welcome the newest member(s) to the Obscurity Squad:

That’s right, this bad boy can get celerity. This means that as Player 2 by turn 2 and the stars aligned, you can unleash the 20 damage combo! (shoutout to @bublublub for it being his favorite card :slight_smile: )

Why Inner Focus when you can get it for free? This bad boy is our Buy 1 Get 1 Free as an alternate way to achieve brutal damage.

The idea is to utilize Obscuring Blows with Celerity and Inner Focus.

Updated Information
We need Obscuring Blow in our hand for our deck. Aether is intended to help with this. We are looking to survive and keep the board safe long enough to unleash various levels of Obscuring Blow combos.

Alcuin Loremaster is on hand to give back a spell that we use to ensure we have the important spells on hand for combos. I’m slightly uncertain about the effectiveness of Alcuin, as the games might be shorter than what he can provide.

Prophet keeps our Celerity minions safer from any spells.

Turn 1 Player 1 - I placed Amu and Flameblood Warlock in here as they are simply on hand for starting, as well as deal with early opposing minions and general damage to set up lethal.

Note: This may be too inconsistent, but (1) Aether is there to mitigate that and (2) the potential of unleashing the combo out is higher due to being able to bring out a possible Celerity minion out (much) sooner.

Sadly, I still do not have Obscuring Blows, so to anyone who tries, let me know. I’ll definitely be testing this once I get it myself!

Thanks for checking it out! :slight_smile:



have you tried that, when you give Beastmaster Obscuring Blow and he backstabs, does everyone get hit by the bonus damage?


Wouldn’t know lol


wings of paradise could totally combo with obscuring


True, but I guess any flying can, right?

<insert brief thinking time>

Wasn’t sure how you saw it till just now. Could provide a good alternative, even on damage alone.


no killing edges in songhai deck? count me out.



I don’t believe so, but I’m not sure if the backstab damage applies if the enemy behind said Beastmaster is not the target.


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