Reaper Exile Deck


A couple days ago, I thought about changing my approach to backstab - incorporating Syvrel the Exile, which quickly followed up with Repulsor Beast.

This deck was pretty gimmicky because who uses Syvrel. However, I actually climbed a bit from it, so I figured to actually share it. I’ve played about ~20 games with it. So yea, it’s working more seriously than I anticipated, making it more fun when you are using silly things like Syvrel.

Game plan:
Keeping backstab minions safe. By bringing enemy minions to your side, the opposing general can’t squash them out the following turn that is normal. Repulsor and Syvrel both accomplish this. While Syvrel was a key part for me developing this deck, he is not necessary.

As you keep slowly waning through the enemy minions, you start to develop about 3 of your own, where you can start putting on some hurt.

While Syvrel is gimmicky, off of this experience, I find Repulsor to be mandatory in all of my future backstab decks.

With some more serious cards (and a better player), I think this backstab approach could actually climb pretty well.

Note - Since I’ve climbed, this has gone at least more than 50% winrate. My quickest game so far has been a win at turn 4 (P1) vs Lilith.

Hope this gives at least some people a new and fun approach to a more difficult archetype. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen many decks drop repulsors in favour of juxta, but I’m guessing that would be quite expensive. Also kind of surprised at the heartseekers and mantellas, as I feel like there should be better cards.

Obscuring blow could work well if you end up running some more normal minions.


mantella is pretty bad I recommend sojounor he is much better, or spelljammer since you got no 4 drops but its more expensive


This deck could really use Obscuring Blow. Did you know that the bonus doesn’t go away at the end of turn? You can actually give Kaleos multiple stacks of OB to kill stuff without trading or melting away your general’s face.

It’s like Spellhai… just less crappy most of the time- No, that doesn’t mean it’s a good deck, it means that Bloodrage Mask is balls without Arcane Heart. Firestarter is a pet card, super underrated- I’d love to fit Geomancer in somewhere, tried Keshrais, wasn’t happy with 'em. Got a bunch of cheap spells and guys that trade well, or not at all if they wear obscuring blows. Against Magmar you just sortof want to make them initiate the trades and punish gaze by having tons of cheap stuff to play for value. Never commit hard enough for Plasma Storm to really break you, think about how good Natural Selection is with early targets- let Katara do it’s job as an overreaction magnet.

If you position badly, you will lose.
If you overcommit to developing your board, you will lose.
If you make plays that burn your hand down to less than 2 cards and not getting lethal, you’re probably losing.
If you’re looking to play a deck with nut-draws, you’re gonna lose more frequently than you’ll win

If you play patiently and take advantage of openings, you’ll do well.
If you get your opponent to trade minions into Blaze Hound, dispel Foxes, burn premium removal on Katara etc. you’re probably winning.
If your Vanar opponent uses Aspect of the Fox on one of your minions and doesn’t immediately clear it with a minion- you’re probably winning.
If Firestarter goes unchecked, and your opponent doesn’t straight up kill you before your turn starts… you’re gonna have a good time.


Everybody’s suggestions :expressionless:

The emote isn’t for disapproval of any suggestions, but because of all the suggestions requiring expensive cards and cards I don’t have.

Cards I don’t have and can’t afford:
Spelljammer (only have 1, which has been placed into my deck since)
Tusk Boar
Heaven’s Eclipse

And specifically obscuring blow, as if I had it, I would already be testing out the obscurity deck I’ve been looking forward to for a couple weeks now. :frowning:

Too much rich blood around here lol :laughing:


Well, lucky for you- all of those cards can be cheaply replaced if you have the Obscuring Blows (Bloodborn is a fine 20USD value if you play the game alot- if not totally worth taking your time and grinding out the packs.)

Tusk Boar can be Saberspine Tiger, Maw, or Bloodtear Alchemist. The downside to it being Tiger is that you need to find more slots to fit in another 1-2 drop. The main point of playing it is how it interacts with Jux, and how easily it sets up burst. My first choice would be Primus Fist or Xho.

Firestarter is a whole 100 dust a piece, and can generally just be Primus Fist if you don’t want to go that over the top. Owlbeast Sage is also perfectly within reason to use for similar tricks. Wouldn’t put Prismatic Illusionist in it’s stead though, since you’ll often wind up punting just by not getting any returns on the investment more often than Firestarter. If you have Four Winds, it’s mostly the same bag of tricks, minus the sneaky Obscuring Blow, Jux, and KE tricks.

Zendo can be whatever good fatty you might want to play. The upside to Zendo is that you mess up your opponent’s positioning to set up a General on General backstab, and occasionally you can stand behind their general with Zendo down to double-triple dip on that.

Eclipse can be Jammers, I wouldn’t suggest Ancestral Divination without a complete deck redesign- as it’s very good, but not with a deck that builds board so slowly. L’Kian also works since you just want cheap spells to fire off and fuel Firestarter, of which Songhai has a notably large quantity.


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