Reaper Deck #3: THE HORROR


I think I’m only going to post the core-essence of a deck now. This should assist in providing the flexibility and other ideas other players may have for the deck.

Concept: Suiciding minions to beef up your others.

Main combo: Horror Burster + Consuming Rebirth

Lead up (Turns 1 and 2): Zyx, Gloomchaser, Gor.
All we need to do is get minions on the board and keep (at least some) alive.

Combos (Turns 3 and 4) Horror Bursters + Consuming Rebirth or Inkhorn Gaze. These are better than Darkfire Sacrifice (DFS) because we don’t have any high mana minions AT THE MOMENT (note, with space for 9 cards, we can add in both DFS and high mana minions if we’d like)

By now, you have at least 1 6/6 on the board, possibly 2. What’s so extra nice about it - they can’t be dispelled.

Following turns: Your 6/6’s get killed off by some BS? Not to worry, Nether Summoning is available to bring them right back, and fits right in pace with 5 mana! :smiley:

NOTES: (1) Horror Burster will change any random minion, so if only fresh/non-exhausted minions are on board, you can immediately make use of the 6/6. (2) You CAN end up changing your on 6/6 minion into…a 6/6 minion. Make use of the 1st one.

Required: At start, replace cards until you have at least 1 Horror Burster.

Opinion: With all the complaints about Variax being too quick (which Variax isn’t the issue, DFS is), this may actually be quicker, even against a turn 5 Variax. Horror Bursters NEED friendly minions to be effective, so it is extremely important to the deck to work on keeping them alive. 6/6 minions that can’t be dispelled is strong. Reviving Horror Bursters, Reviving 6/6’s with Nether Summoning. This deck seems scary.

Edit: Azure Horn Shaman aren’t required, but if it’s able to be used to get a 6/6 minion to 6/10, it’d be a nice touch.


Why not have some immortal minions so to u can be sure to summon ur horror.


have some what?


Um I mentioned like Gor or Sarah through eternal they have a dying wish that lets them come back. … Reaper of the nine moons.


Gor’s there, the other ones just didn’t come across my screen and didn’t think of them. Not accustomed to the Abyssian-psynergistic cards haha.


Gor/Sarlac are likely the immortal ones in question.

I have done some expiermenting with horror/consuming decks my self. Here is my master thread with some relevant stuff under lillith:

My Consuming Burst deck seems to be the gameplan your going for here, a couple other decks that incorprate horror are Paranoia and Master Challenge.


Tried clicking, didn’t show up :frowning:


Ach seems something they did to the site has made a bunch of my links stop working, going through and correcting now, sorry.


Consuming Burst:

Master Challenge:



Aren’t the Horrors tokens generated by Horror Burster? And if so, wouldn’t Nether Summoning be a moot point, since it’ll likely summon a Gor or Sarlac? Also, I see what you’re doing with Inkhorn Gaze, but I feel like it’s just not necessary.

And I don’t see a need for Horn Shaman at all. You don’t need minion health when you have infinite Gor/Sarlac and Lilithe BBS.


Transforms a friendly minion. As for Gor or Sarlac, possibly, maybe not utilizing Gor since you wouldn’t be able to control them. The purpose of them would be to ensure you had minions to transform, so if they were the only ones out besides Horror, they’d change to the 6/6 minion. I would think that Nether Summoning would then only resummon them as 6/6 if they die in the future turns.


Nether summon specifically does not summon tokens. The transformed ones are indeed tokens. Unfortunately nether just wont work well for this deck.


Yeah, that’s what I was trying to communicate. I think the only cards required to make this work would be Gor/Sarlac, Consuming Rebirth, Horror Burster.

Darkfire and Aphotic Drain could be great to turn this into an infinite minion/dying wish deck.


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