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Reaper Ascendancy

For many months now we live in a world where Sajjans fly through the Sky, leaving the world in shambles. They are a force to be reckoned with, but many of them have plummeted, got caught and then died. One of the reasons is the newest attack of the fire nation. Everyone brings as many pings to the table as possible.

In this hostile world Ciphyron Ascendant has gotten back his favourite weapon - The Spinecleaver - to transform into his ultimate form as a Reaper.

For those who want to hear less story, those are my thoughts to the deck:

I use Ciphyron as general in a NOSE Ascendancy deck to reduce the loss of artifacts through pings to a possible minimum while keepiing my health safe. At the same time I do less damage to minions than Sajj- but I don’t mind. The mobility and Attack rate this deck can have easily make up for it.

The mobility comes from the Flying minion+ Neurolink combo as well as the Shilouette Tracer. This deck uses more than the basic Dragonlark and Wind Striker as flying minions since Khanuum-Ka also plays an important role

You see… sometimes it isn’t enough to just fly around the board while blasting away everything in your path. This deck likes control. If I don’t have Wildfire Ankh to keep your distance or Iris Barrier to pull a guerilla tactic/ airstrike style you need other things to do the dirty work.

Well, you’ve got the super cheap and dirty Oblivion Sickle to reduce your opponents corpse to sand. with a total of 14 minions this deck is able to activate those sand tiles at least each second turn. If your opponent gets reckless enough to not guard those tiles - cause…psh… who would run that many minions in a NOSE deck…right? - can be massively punished with Khanuum-ka who is also always a good finisher when you need the last 3 damage on your opponent.

Spinecleaver is just a very nice thing to have in a meta where eggs produce Forcefields and minions never die. The ability to deny artifacts for your opponent is just huge when crescent spear is used. The damage adds up pretty fast and gives you a wincon that can’t simply be pinged away.

Obdurator is a very good card if you want your artifacts to stick. Nonetheless Staff of Y’Kir is still the best tool to finish the opponent or get enough damage to kill a minion.

The true mastery of this deck lies partly in the sequence in which you equip the artifacts. Often you start P1 T1 with Staff of Y’Kir or Obdurator to have this “pure damage” artifact be the first thing to go if you equip your fourth artifact. Starting with Iris Barrier, which is a lot more valuable than those, is very often not a good first turn equip since it doesn’t add much lo a later equip of Wildfire Ankh and isn’t as easily replaced as Staff orObdurator. If you are on P2 T1 the best thing to have is Wildfire Ankh since it allows you to equip for a lot of damage the next turn. It is also possible to get rid of some of the 2 drops. Always use the blast if you can, don’t hold back because you have an Oblivion Sickle or Spinecleaver in hand. Don’t allow them too swarm the board. Very relatable to P1T1 is S2 T1 in regards of equipping Obdurator/ Staff or Sickle/ Barrier. Big difference is that you are better off to equip Oblivion Sickle first, as it stacks badly with a later equipped Spinecleaver. In the late game also always equip damage dealing artifacts before utility artifacts. Preferably equip Wildfire Ankh always last.

If you are interested in this deck, please feel free to ask questions about it. I hope you can build it too and have fun with it. If not, I’d like to help with optional cards.

What are your opinions of the role of this deck in the current meta? This is one of the few decks of mine that have a positive winrate in the current Rank 4-5. Have I forgotten something?


0/10 not using a full playset of SPINECLEAVER.

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I just started to craft them… This week’s investment was also Khanuum-ka.

Its also arguable if 3 Spinecleavers are really needed since they don’t do well in pairs. So far I had no problems with drawing them.

Spinecleaver best wife

D’you think it would be viable to replace Obdurator with something else? Like metalmeld or foundry.

For the time being Metalmeld does a better job in this meta. Obdurator is the better pick though as it gives you more T1 plays.
Foundry is playable as a T1, but it really messes up the mana curve. It is better as P2, but this could also be the turn to Sickle+ Obdurator/Staff for the T2 surprise Ankh.

Fair enough.

Gonna try a clone of this build replacing a third Obdurator with a third Spinecleaver.
Will report findings eventually.

Works fine.

I haven’t actually ended up using the Obdurators at all.
also all 3 spinecleavers in my opening hand makes me wanna cry.


Love the deck. Unfortunately, expensive as ***.


The sickle + kha seems like a win-more combo. Kha + fault works because there is a large number of dervishes and sand tiles for kha but with sickle you rely on the opponent throwing 2 hp minions (most of the time) at you. How well has they worked for you? imho remove them for better tempo options that either get you to spinecleaver + ankh or help you survive until then.
I know post-nerf falcius is terrible but maybe it works here because of the curve???

The thruth is that you actually have 3 or 4 power on your general most of the time. This is more than enough though since it allows to clear most of the early game minions and becomes even more reliable after the ascension. It also happens to be pretty good to have a 1 cost Artifact to throw out if you need to get to the 3 artifacts as fast as possible.

Khanuum-Ka is already playable at 2 sand tiles as it either kills a big minion or deals 9 damage to a buffed general for just 5 mana. Kha is the last addition to the deck and it worked without it before (I previously ran Grapnel - but I never want to have to steal Bloodfire Totems in a sticky situation again)

Sand tiles also give a surprising amount of value since they shake up the movement plans of your opponent and make deal chip damage if disregarded.

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I would love this deck, as Sajj. I can’t forsake my favorite general.

Still cant wrap my head around Ciphyron instead of Sajj in an artifacts list; sure you can reduce 2 attack minions to 0 and thus impede a ping, but that means little past turn 1 or 2, whereas with Sajj you can more easily snipe any minion with Ankh even through the mid and maybe late game

Also, Iris Barrier + any other artifact works great with Sajj’s BBS, or even just Iris + Psionic Strike for minions up to four health (Thunderhorn), whereas Ciphyron’s choice would have to be BoA or attack + Rasha’s Curse or running away

But, it seems you go around this late game removal problem with Kha, so maybe its alright

If I have the spirit to craft four legendaries, I’m gonna give it a go later; I autolove any list that runs this many artifacts!

but the ascencion thing turns me off a lot for some reason, probably because I also play Magmar and its just shitty and practically an autoloss to try to pursue someone with blast and flying


Interesting concept, this is actually the way I believe Vetruvian Artifact decks should be played (I.E. slowly chipping away at your enemy instead of resorting to Aurora’s tears for ungodly burst).


In a game that has become about how much burst you can do? Is that feasible, though?
Don’t get me wrong; I agree. I’m all for beating someone(or being beaten by someone) with skilled play instead of bursting from the hand.

You are correct, unfortunately it isn’t very feasible to do so. All of my original artifact decks were similar to this one, You would either slowly chip away at your opponent with Ankh or you would try to remove your enemies board while developing your wincon with Ankh and Spinecleaver/Thunderclap. Playing like that is much more fun than relying on Aurora’s Tears to win, but when you realise that the former needs to get three artifacts to stick to have a chance at winning and the latter will win if it gets three artifacts to stick it isn’t that hard to figure out which deck is superior.


If you know what to put out you can always get your playset of Aurora’s Tears and two Time Maelstrom into the deck. Cutting away the Shrouds and both Spinecleavers gives you a shell that can still run Kha efficiently while keeping the burst with Tears as options open.

I think Tears make the deck very dependant on the perfect draw. I tried to make the deck consistent and I think Spinecleaver is the right choice for that. Maybe letting the Sand tile synergy go gets you to the sort of agressive deck you want, but hey … even I have to test things out.

What I have perceived is that people tend to play more cauteous and less agressive in their movement in the presence of Sand tiles and Sickle. This behavior gives you more than often the time you need.

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