Reanimator Abyssian: Copying my Reddit series over to here


I call this one Reanimator.

Its a concept I have been working on for awhile, finally happy enough with it to post it. As the name implies the deck centers around things just not staying dead. The deck looks to ramp into big minions so as to get a lot of leverage out of keeper/nether.

For those that don’t know, keeper/nether don’t summon tokens, wraithlings are tokens, and don’t get summoned by keeper/nether, so your always guaranteed to bring back something big.

Notes on playing: typically you want to use keeper early, and nether late, since nether can muddle up keepers summons. Typically you replace pretty aggressively early on to try and start with a low cost hand to get you rolling, then promptly start replacing low cost stuff. Usually I like to hold onto at least one keeper/nether as they really can seal the game.

With kron nerfed the second version has more appeal now. Kron is ultimately still really good for lilith thanks to the two for one body. I wouldn’t run 3x anymore I would definitely slip in a Rite of The Undervault. With zenrui nerfed I am inclined to try bone reaper as an alternate provoke. Sister has potential as well for the slot.

Another version of the deck, this one I call Undying Abyssian, as like the first one things tend to just not stay dead and also undying…dying wish…heh.

I have been favoring the first list as its early game is a little better thanks to tiger and wraith swarm, and unlike this one it has room for the ever oppressive Kron. But this one is more fun, its flashy and a little more swingy, the added ramp of Lurking Fear can really make for some big wins.

Notes on Playing: Just like the first try to use keeper first, and nether second, as both nether and Nine moons can mess up keeper. You almost never want to cast two lurking fears as it hurts your hand, you want one early, and then its replace fodder later. Other then that the playstyle is pretty similar to the first one.

While it may seem odd not to run Unseven in a dying wish engine I found that he really did not add much and just ended emptying out my hand. Instead of trying to force draw into the deck by running the awkward as ever Rite, or the subpar undying draw minions which muddle up my keeper/nether plan I took him out and found that the deck ran much smoother.

No klaxon? Outside of a creep deck its pretty meh, deck already has enough high costed minions, needs the lower cost options and various utility I have instead. I also find creep to often be a draw back because of things like nimbus and fox.

Edit: Ironclad has a lot of potential for this deck. Could possibly replace Dioltas since without any buffs tombstone is underperforming.

Eddit: Swapped the lists order and made some minor edits

Edit: It is likely worth while to include a single rite of the undervault in this one for late game hand refills, since this ones curve is a bit lower then the first. As for what to cut its a tough choice, one I do not have the time to figure out at the moment.

I am currently S rank 57, got there with my Keeper Magmar deck. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventualy get around to it. Check out my related Keeper Magmar deck

Dying Wish: Abyss/Vet

Looks interesting! I had a similar idea back when experimenting with Lurking Fear but I found the archetype too inconsistent.
I like how your deck is designed to only spawn the good stuff. Though early game seems a bit weak and I suspect you run out of cards pretty quickly, especially without any card draw mechanic.
Still, I think there’s room to work with and perhaps after a bit of tinkering this can actually be a thing and a good one at that.


Thanks for your input!

The very high curve of the deck prevents the need for draw and keeps your hand from emptying to much.

The early game is surpisingly good, it is pretty well packed with artifacts to use on the first turn or two. Even skipping only turn 1 is just not an issue due to the amount of value the deck gets by not playing 2 or 3 cost minions. Between ramp, spells, and wraithlings, the first turn or two is fine and then it just starts slamming down value hard.

I have been favoring the second list a lot more lately for ranked, the dying wish one is just more flashy and exciting to play. But they are both solid and competitive.


I like both decks, nice idea. But, doesn’t Shadowdancer feel a bit displaced in the first one? I mean, she has no synergies besides Horn of the Forsaken and Llilithe’s BBS. Are these enough to fuel her ammo? Also, why 3 Lurking Fears? Aren’t 2 enough, due to the lack of card draw in the deck?


The deck is surpisingly swarmy, while the field is not usualy very full 2-4 things tend to die a turn, since everything comes out with 2 for 1 bodies or more. Dancer uses that to generate crazy value, while providing much needed ping and healing vs the harder match ups like spell hai that like to stack artifacts. And let’s not forget shadow dancer+vorpral reaver (who loves to come out super early)=Gg. Dancer and Revenant are what win me most games.

As for the 3 lurking, it is weird running a playset of something you only intend to use once. But the reason for that is its only good in the first couple turns so you need 3 in the deck to get it at all consistently, because after the first couple turns its just replace fodder. It’s awful at one, meh at two, and replace fodder at 3. But to be worth the slot at all it needs to be a playset.


Oh, crap, I’ve completely forgot about Vorpal Reaver. You’re right, it synergizes incredibly well with Shadowdancer. I can see the reason behind 3 Lurking Fears now, it makes sense. Thanks for clarification.

One last question: How is Darkfire Sacrifice doing with you? I mean, when I use it, it ends up being a dead card the whole game or a tempo loss, since I’m investing too much cards and tempo units (mana) to ramp a specific creature that gets answered most of the time.


Ah yes, I have found it to be a bit awkward in a lot of decks, but look at this decks curve and remember what turn lilithes spell turns on. It just happens to be that the exact turn you can cast her spell you can cast darkfire and plop down a 5 or 6 cost card that the deck gaurentees you have in your hand by this point. Or stall for 1 turn and bam that’s a Spectral Revenant. Then you start following up with keeper/nether. I win most games that have a darkfire in hand.

Also another common play is turn 1 throw on horn, turn two go smack something, and bam a 5 or 6 cost on turn 2! Mvp spell!

It even caries use in late game as you can use it and have enough mana to cast a removal spell.

Lilithes bloodborn just begs you to put the spell in the deck because it is never a dead card with her around. If you draw multiples of them it’s also easy recycle fodder. I never actualy have to invest two cards into it because of how the deck works. It’s subpar in a deck with a lower curve, but in this deck who cares if they answer your early threat, next turn you actualy have the mana to naturally cast a fatty or reanimate what they just killed. In other decks you don’t usualy just have a bunch of fatties siting in hand.


Very cool idea, I like it, might experiment with it sometime :slight_smile:


i dont have any nether summonings and its too expensive to craft any. does this deck work without it?

also, i only have 2 of a bunch of these. any recommendations for substitutions?


It is certainly far from a budget list, when you start taking more then one or two things away from it, it changes pretty drastically.

You can save a little bit of dust with the dying wish version by including the Dying wish draw guys, Necroseer, and void hunter.

But really your better off with death watch or aggro if your looking for a budget abyssian deck.


Well, I’ve tried the deck several times and I am really not convinced.
Lurking fear is really a bad card and you get punished hard for the lack of early game.

Lurking Fear deck - Casual play to Diamond Rank

Yea its not as strong as the second list. But its fun and flashy, it also takes quite a bit of getting used to, it is a rather unique play style. I ladder with the second list, play the first for fun. But I think they are both solid once you get used to them.

Perhaps I should switch the order of them to show that the dying wish version is more alt for fun, so if someone does not make it all the way through they at least get the first list.


Swapped the two lists order and made some minor eddits. If the swingy related nature of the second list does not suit you, give Reanimator a shot.


I have played a bunch of reanimator/keeper value magmar a few months ago, and I was eager to try that list (albeit a bit reluctant to craft x3 Summonings but who isn’t). Gotta admit, after a few games with the dying wish version, that it is incredibly fun, thanks for sharing. :]
I’m still doing a lot of mistakes but I really want to get used to it and git gud.

I have a question though, how do you feel about the Zurael/Summoning comparison ? I played an extensive lot of Zuraels in control heavy lists and the extra body is nice, especially since you’ll need something quite costly to have died and the 7 mana cost isn’t too much of an issue.

Also, I would love if you could provide some indsight about matchups, general tips and the like. Thanks for the lovely lists anyway. :]

Abyssian Ramp/Dying Wish Deck

Glad you have been having fun with it.

I usualy find Zurael Unimpressive. 7 mana is a bit of an issue even for the ramp deck. He is just strictly worse then nether or keeper. He is fine if you do not have full play sets of keeper or nether he is a decent substitute.