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Reaching out to Everyone: Let's make the next expansion Count


Oh where this come from? Its actually a good card in combo with tusk boar (and katara+inner focus).
Also i think that they already have a good amount of cards in the pocket because in case of no unrotation->3 xpac per year->july xpac and novembre xpac. I just hope that they merge those two in a better one


if you think about it that cards ability unnerfs katara :thinking:


Wait, what? It’s fake. I made the image on keynote. Damn it, I shouldn’t have spilled it so quick.


Such a bueatiful card, not op yet really interestung:)


You know how I knew it was fake (besides the art)? Because CP would never make a Songhai card with so much thought behind it. :wink: Also, they would never admit to Samurai ties, for some reason.


I think it’s a bit early to start pitching ideas while the meta is stale and people are still trying to optimize other kinds of decks without quite succeeding, a small nerf patch is required I think.

As per suggesting mechanics, we should hear from the devs what their stance is about RNG, fetch/toolbox cards, graveyard/discard management, etc…


The most solid clue that would give it away that it was fake is the mana crystal. The mana crystal made on Bagoum has darker text, while recent cards have lighter text.


I minds thought of it in 20 seconds, but sure. Thanks. :sweat_smile:


gdi halcyon.

@turborafx that’s one way to look at it. the other is that spells have a long overdue nerf(counterplay mechanics specifically) and it shows with how a single spell defines the meta for the past several expansions. so maybe it’s worth reconsidering the game design and see what else the expansion can improve upon. this game doesnt have to be stressful. as for the second part, hearing dev stance is part of this movement’s goals. maybe i should rephrase it as “rebuilding community-dev communication channels”


Yea that’s kinda what I meant, another way to look at it could be single-card-value over synergy with other cards (which recalls the argument about keeping one’s board).


I know I’m in the vast minority here when I say these two things, but I thought Mythron was an excellent expansion and that the next one should just build upon what’s already established rather than trying to bring more stuff to the game.

As others have mentioned, yes, Sentinels are great, Grow could use more support, INFILTRATE COULD USE MORE SUPPORT (or Vanar in general), heals and outta-hand damage could be mitigated somehow.

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