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Reaching out to Everyone: Let's make the next expansion Count


hey guys, as much as i’d like to feel comfortable that there will be an expansion coming in quarter 4, I also think that now is the best time to get the chance to discuss with the devs and make the next expansion truly count.

I personally think now is the best time to do something like this since:

  • they just announced that something big is happening soon
  • it’s still far enough to find that maybe we can plead for an expansion that will truly count, and they can action upon them (and the only way to find out is to reach out to the devs)

So why don’t we take the shot? right? :smiley:

what do i mean by making the next expansion truly count? there’s still a lot of unexplored territory in duelyst that can change how we perceive games and keep ourselves from being stressed.
Here’s one that I have in mind:

Spell Counters

_ RNG sucks, but so does predictability. “welp, there’s catacysmic fault and i can’t do anything about it. welp look at that: Dark Hole. Look at that: Unanswerable Spell”_

lightbender, step on the tiles, use a different deck, etc etc. That’s nice and all, but when you think about it, there’s very little in the game that stops the enemy from casting spells. We don’t have surprise spell counters, and the preemptive spellblocks are often all too easy to circumvent.

Removal is necessary to stop people from building board, but is it okay that they have 0 means of protecting their board outside Nether summoning (and the ever so crappy Zurael)? Personally, if someone built board AND did something to protect it, it’s honestly a well-deserved board. We’ll always be stuck with OG minions, answer-or-die minions, and that one spell that will define the meta. We have too many protection against good board and there’s too little to protect us from a powerful hand combo, even just a single spell for that matter. I think it speaks volume that at least 5 expansion metas were defined by a single high-power spell

But hey, that’s just one idea, and I’m sure some of you guys have even better ones. The idea is that we could be asking to build upon the design of duelyst, instead of the next new janky meme. As fun as they are, cards like Oropsisaur won’t stop the duelyst burnout. and i think it hella counts for something that I, of all people, is asking for less meme toys

Here’s a rough sketch of a plan that I have in mind:

  • get a better channel of communication with the game devs(but also won’t bring them under fire with some kind of dooly lynch mob). Maybe @stormshade can help!
  • get bunch of people who are much more knowledgeable about card games than i am, and have them propose their perceived problems with the games and steps we can take to circumvent them.
  • Find out if we can find other ways to help the game’s longetivity! Sharing the game on social media? Content Creation on youtube? more community feedback?

Maybe it’s a little too ambitious of me to ask for something like this, but hey, I want this boat to float for as long as possible! And when the game really does die, I at least want to be able to say that it went off in a blaze of glory. Not a Namco High vanishing without hardly a trace of it in the internet, and not some game that people stopped caring about, but a game we stayed with through the very end.


There are some mechanics I like to see. Discard options, more draw, turn heals into damage, cards like Crossbone and Grovekeeper for other keywords, maybe even a graveyard plus interactions, set traps on the board.


I totally agree with this, in my experience I think Duelyst lacks countermeasures to some aspects (Spells, Trials). The Sentinel series of cards could really be expanded to provide preemptive counters. I think card games built with systematic counters tend to have a more cyclical and self-refreshing meta game.

I understand that the design goal of Duelyst is to cap the matches’ duration to a few minutes maximum, and that too many counters and control-ish speed bumps are very detrimental to that. Also Duelyst avoids the concept of reaction cards entirely, as you stated (this is to speed up games too).

There should still be a way to design a class of cards that achieve the desired effects of counters and board-centric interactivity while still keeping games short and deadly.

For example they could have a self-damage upkeep

As a summary: More Sentinels for counters, and stronger preemptive blocks with detrimental and end-game-speeding side effects.


Can’t wait for my all new Handtraps in Doolyst.


:face_vomiting: Hand traps. No, let’s avoid asking for additional off-hand frustration fuel. The Duelyst board is a nice place, let’s use it. :relaxed:

  • Communication channels have deteriorated over the years to such a degree that there are no longer any devs socially active on the forums, discord or reddit. There are claims of robot sightings in suits though, or so some say.

  • Nearly every person in high standing that had strong opinions on game direction ( and it needs to be stressed everyone has a opinion ) has either left or shut up, debates go both ways and I’m sure people don’t like talking to walls or machines (points at point 1) Also its a ironic concept to think about as during Alpha/Beta (and again it must be stressed open beta’s etc are more inclusive in general) we had community testing that was largely ignored anyway.

  • Marketing, heh

And I know I’m sour, cynical and what have you, but these really are issues that have been around since beta. Duelyst is a ship thats rudderless and hasnt had a solid direction as to what it wants to be and who it wants to cater to, and until some robot in a suit can break it down for me, frankly, I don’t know either.


I can say nothing about comunication buy I know what I want from xpac. UP was by far the best expansion ever because it introduced a very proactive keyword in sentinel (not considering bugs) and new tiles that makes the board more relevant and allows new strategy/decks. Thats what I want from this game, mechanics that makes the board and positioning more important and interactive keywords (not like intensify/bloodsurge…)
Stuff like elevated tiles and trap tiles are good options. To stay on topic, I don’t think we need more anti spell cards; mage sworn and prophet are already there and good, as well the 3/4 that heals you at every enemy spell. But one or two more wouldn’t be bad


Take the challenge
3 mana
[Can be played on your oppenent’s turn]
Whenever your opponent would summon a minion, draw a card.


In practical terms this would be a coding disaster, my suggestion is to have it act as a hand trap that triggers on your opponent’s turn if the conditions are met and if you have the mana to pay for it.


No, not this. Dont play this vs Strategos or Trial Maehv, not that, i still have bad memories from my YGO days


Maxx C is at 3 in the OCG and banned in the TCG.


I trust the next expansion will bring some cool cards and interesting mechanics, and the game doesn’t yet need too revolutionary things, but what you mentioned in those three points would be desirable, especially imo the involvement and consultation of the expert players.
I would gladly answer to a survey also, if it would be given the chance to write a feedback about the game, its state and ideas for improvements.


I personally think that the last expansion was great. I enjoy playing as or against Trial (Wanderer excluded), intensify is fun, meta is rather good.


pretty much this, if you remove or at least nerf wanderer (personally id be happy with wander not effecting bbs based minions) then the games fine. (nerf songhai as well though cause nerfing songhai is always the answer. :sirpenti: )


There’s a special place in my furnace for you.


I’m eager to keep it hot. :fire: :fire: :fire:


As far as blazes of glory go Meltdown League has currently got ~70 players and around $665 in prize support and should hopefully be able to provide content and fun for at least the next 14 weeks till it ends. :smile:


Forgot to check, how much are bribes for getting a top 8 seed and do you take cheques?

As for the topic itself, was gonna say in-game chat (beyond friends list chat) but then some poor soul would have to moderate it 24/7.


Bribe for top 8 seed is at least 20 dates with Alpha worth of monies and only take direct wire transfers to CERN who will forward it to our Swiss bank account in the Caribbean.


If you guys haven’t been kept posted in the meme thread, Halcyon found an accidental leak from twitter of a Songhai backstab card.

which i am in no way excited about btw. this is just some dumbass cancerbuff to flamewreath. hopefully the expansion isn’t all memetoys like this.

i guess they have some stuff done already in the expansion department, that’s both exciting but also kinda blows since I don’t know what sense of urgency to latch this movement I proposed.


at least we have meltdown league.