Rawring Blistering Fang Vaath


This is my take on battle pet Magmar, using twin fang and blistering scorn alongside Rawr, kujata, and Taygete. I have had decent winrates with this deck at about 75% with around 8 games in low diamond rank, with one loss against an agro Songhai and the other due to AFKing against a Cassyva.

Card choices

Natural selection I haven’t tried it out in this deck, I’m just suggesting it as amplification seemed to be clunky in this deck. Can be replaced with more draw.
Sunsteel great as an opening play with Flash.
L’kian card draw. Can be replaced with other forms of draw, like sojourner, blaze hound, or spell jammer for other early card draw.

This deck’s main purpose is to get Rawr or add early as possible with kujata to start generating bodies so that blistering scorn and twin fang can win you the game (can alternatively win by flooding the board). Mankantor plus thumping wave also works well for burst and removal. Main weaknesses to the deck are card draw and burst damage, which can be solved by adding in earth spheres(which I feel would be clunky in this deck) or more card draw. Vaath is chosen for his ability to remove enemies that are transformed by thumping wave with one bbs use, yet Starhorn can be used for extra card draw.


i like the look of the deck. however, you don’t have many 2 drops. if you don’t draw a 2-drop or flash nd another minion your early game is kind of screwed. i don’t own any but gro is really good. so are mystics and fists. it’s just a suggestion though. do what you want


Is rawr really good enough to justify calling it a wincon? I tried it out purely because I opened three of them but didn’t find much success with them. That being said, I didn’t run them in magmar where I get to use flash or kujata. But even so they don’t seem that good.


I’m personally against using gro, grow minions in general seem slow to me, and taking up with kujata as player one is crucial for following up with Rawr. Primus and mystic can be added for extra 2 drops however, preferably mystic since you will be damaging your minions a lot.


I listed Rawr down as a win condition due to its stats as a 5 drop and how much value you can get it of it as Magmar. However, it can’t win games alone, and the tokens can be somewhat lackluster occasionally, so I see your point (will fix on post).


At which level? Diamond, Gold, S…?

Interesting concept. I would add in one Slithar Elder with all those fractals already in deck.


Sorry about that, they were in diamond rank. Will add that to the post. I currently don’t have any copies of Elder, but I have thought of adding khymera for lols and giggles.


It looks pretty decent but that’s probably cause the only battle pets this deck is running is rawr and kujata to support him. It would probably be much stronger if say Primus Fists and Krons replaced kujata and rawr although that would probably go against the spirit of the deck.


Can we just call this “Ouch-mar” or something like that? The current name seems a bit too long :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

As for the deck itself, it looks like a regular midranged Magmar that’s more commited to the self damage synergy theme. I like it a lot.