Rate my xor'xuul deck and suggest change please


Grimwar is near useless here. Mindlathe may have its uses.


I crafted 3 mindlathes and i don’t regret it, because it synergizes great with my other cards that destroy friendly minion or resummon. Darkfire sacrifice, aphotic drain, vellumscry are now removal cards and consuming rebirth or blood echoes allow me to resummon controlled minion for full control :D. Also if my xor’xuul trial is complete i get to resummon mindlathe’d minion!


What’s your IGN, bro? I’d love to watch some of your replays!


The same as in forum


Nice duels alplod, your abyssian arcanyst deck is pretty powerful.


So i finally crafted 3 soul grimwars (I got lucky and got 1 soul grimwar in a pack) and i created this deck. Is it good?
3 gors, 3 sarlacs and 3 desolators to fuel our soul grimwars and to cast spells on them
3 fugitives so we can copy spells that kill friendly minion to speed up xor’xuul trial
3 darkfire sacrifices that we can use on mindlathed minions for removal
3 aphotic drains that we can use for infinite heal 5 per turn once xor’xuul trial is done and we have 1 fugitive on board. Also can be used as removal with mindlathe
3 consuming rebirth and 3 blood echoes so we can copy our gors and sarlacs on board
3 ritual banishings for hard removal
3 velumscry for card draw and optional removal with mindlathe
2 necrotic sphere for hard removal if our general gets surrounded
3 mindlathes for removal with kill friendly minion spells or for taking control of enemy minions with consuming rebirth or blood echoes
3 soul grimwars to profit from gors and sarlacs constant deaths on board.

Many of you guys also suggested that i should run shadowdancer but i can’t really fit it in this deck since i already have infinite heal with aphotic drain and fugitive. It also requires to be played late-game since early i don’t have much gors and sarlacs on board to profit from it.

So what do you think about this deck? Is it good? What would you swap for what?


I dont really think Grimwar is that good of an Idea… I recommend: -3 Grimwar, -1 Vellum, -2 Echoes, add in 3 Azure horn Shaman and Azure heralds. Also, Lures. Those save lifes, and are the only remaining unnerfed Abyss 3x staple. Find place for them, they are 100% worth it


Grimwars suck in normal decks, but in my deck i get minions that resummon themselves on the battlefield and spells that multiply those minions. I cannot remove echoes from this deck as it is my minion multiplying tool. Also all my spells progress xor’xuul trial and lure don’t fit that role so i guess this spell is not for this deck.


3 things on my end: I didnt notice that you play Cass, Grimwar is awesome in a swarm deck, and you are too tunneled on finishing the trial and not thinking about surviving till the end. If you dont like Lure, add in punish, you can use it on your own minions. Also, I am not saying you should remove Echoes, just limit them to 2 or 1, i know the madness of post-trial echoes, it is something


Only 3 X 2 drops (GOR). Looks a risky start for P1. If you fail to get a GOR, you also will have a full hand due to the Mythron. So no card draw either to help get opening hand next turn.
If your hand if full then your card advantage cards become terrible (Deso, Fugitive, Vel).
I am also guessing having all 3 of them for maintaining hand size is overdoing it. So I suggest removing a few of them and adding a few 2 drops.


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