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Rate my xor'xuul deck and suggest change please


I played this deck 3 times and i won all. If i can stick my alcuin after i drop xor’xuul i can blood echoes/consuming rebirth and add more alcuins which grant me infinite spells it’s so powerfull. I’m glad I crafted alcuins instead of soul grimwar :smiley:


Glhf then. You’re in gold, I assume? Next season reset may unpleasantly surprise you.

I approve of @miguelosz advice btw. You need more 2 drops, and less spells overall. You may not draw any minion at times.


So this is the final form of my deck with added zukong, because more than 1 time i end up with whole board filled with gors which i can’t control and my turn ends before i even begin to play :D. Please rate it and tell me should i maybe add shadow sister kelaino? And what cards would you swap for what?


Yes, I would recommend adding Kelaino; you can take out Necrotic Sphere for a set of those. Fugitive is too slow, and I would rather use Loremaster. It would be wise to take out Zukong and Gate for some Shadowdancers as well.


But i love necrotic sphere and it saved me many times also alcuin fugitive + necrotic sphere turns my general into unstoppable removal machine. Is necrotic sphere really that bad?


The truth is, it’s really too slow. You wouldn’t worry about removing minions in the late-game if you focus on completing your Trial as fast as you can, something you can’t do with cards like Fugitive in your deck.


Fugitive really helps into trial completion especially when i gor->sacrifice->fugitive and then i can spam sacrifice and summon xor’xuul for 0 mana 3 turns after :stuck_out_tongue:


It suppose it could work, but you’ll always be better off taking it out and running the deck with Maehv instead of Cassy. Maehv doesn’t really need Fugitive or even Loremaster because her BBS progresses the Trial.


Fugitive is good for completing Trial. Especially if ramped.

Post trial it helps in hand advantage.


Should I use releaser? Does 1 copy of this artifact summon 1 when it loose 3 durability or 1 per durability?


You shouldnt, but it summons 1 per the whole artifact


I was thinking about like crafting mind lathe and use it with releaser. Also what should be my next legendary to craft for my xor’xuul deck? I got 2700 spirit


Releaser is arguably the worst artifact in Duelyst. Please don’t use it.


It would be good if it summoned 3 minions per artifact tough


Then it would be too strong. Radiant Standard does something similar, and it costs 6 mana.


I think about crafting 3 mind lathes because it also takes control of the minions that hit me during my opponent’s turn on my next turn i think


Mindlathe is also kinda good as a tool for trial completion: Hit their semi-big guy, punch their minion with it, if it survives, sack it with DFS/Aphotic. Also,can anyone confirm, that if a Mindlathed minion is Blood Echoed it stays under your contol?


It does. Consuming Rebirth also works.


That extra dmg taken can really sometimes hurt though. Mindlathe is good, but a bit more high-skill to use than most artifacts.


So should i craft 3 mindlathes or 3 soul grimwars for this deck or what? :stuck_out_tongue: