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Rate my xor'xuul deck and suggest change please


You can craft them. Just remember Magmar and Arc Songhai are insta concedes for you


Over half of the Abyssian legendaries are better crafts than Gate tho :stuck_out_tongue: Gate is nothing but a fun meme, while many other cards have actual viable uses. But nothing wrong with fun memes, as I happened to know very well heh


1 is enough to win if your deck builds gate support


Gate is a surprise second win-con in my deck, where I Lilithe Chakram the Serpenti out of them most of the time. In case of late full sweeps like Tempest BBS bullshit I pop in a Time Gate combo to destroy their only hope of winning.
Also best gate starting hand, replace otherwise: 2 early swarms(Zyx, Wraith-Swarm, Cryptographer etc.), DarkSac, Gate, Timekeeper


Surprise second…Gate is always the primary, 9 moon Chackram is secondary


This is what i managed to put together and i’ve been doing pretty well with this deck +mnemovore and +gate of the undervault but i got enough spirit to craft next 3 legendaries and i can’t decide what i should add to it. I was thinking about soul grimwar(since there are a LOT of gor/sarlac/desolator deaths on the board all the time+i kill my own minions with spells), nether summoning(i already got 1 and summoning more gor/sarlac before xor’xuul is always good), gate of the undervault(i already got 1 so i could draw it more consistenly), mind lathe(situational but sometimes very powerful), alcuin fugitive(so i can copy spells to trigger xor’xuul faster). What do you think would be a perfect fit to this deck? Soul grimwar? Also suggest what cards would you swap for what

EDIT: the biggest problem with this deck is when i don’t draw gor/sarlac/desolator then i pretty much can’t cast spells exept punish/dark transformation/necrotic sphere untill i draw them


Quick tips:Echoes, Vellum and Sphere to 2.

If you are playing Maehv(which you should) add in Azure horn Shaman and Herald/Mystic and remove punish


i’m thinking about putting everything to 2 or 1 copy(xor’xuul) exept gor/sarlac/desolator so i can have higher chance of drawing them. Is this a good idea?


Definitely not. It is actually a viable strat to maybe use Nekomata to tutor them.


i want to craft soul grimwar for this deck but i am hessitant. I kinda want alcuin fugitive too. I can craft only 3 legendaries so i don’t want to waste spirit on a card i won’t include in this deck :frowning:


For Trial decks Alcuin is a superior choice, but if you plan on playing Abyssian swarm later Grimwar is one of the most important cards.


or maybe craft 1 of each and do something like this? Notice how i have only 3 copies of gor sarlac and desolator so i can draw them more consistently


Having 1 of everything basically makes your deck more random, more luck based. While it can be more fun for a newer player to experiment with different cards, from the competitive point of view it is not a wise decision.


Take out the cards you only have single copies of. Actually, most of the cards you put in the deck are just irritatingly out of place. I mean no offense, but if you want to just ignore feedback people give you, you shouldn’t ask for them in the first place. The deck is a mess, and it shouldn’t be if you took any of our suggestions with weight.


I’m not ignoring feedback, i make changes to my decks based around what people say. This deck sucks because i tried to make it with cards i already have instead of cards that would fit perfectly, unlike my other threads


Then collect more spirit; they aren’t hard to get. Instead of trying to make the most out of what you have, set goals according to the feedback you receive.

I’m sorry if I come off as being rude, but it’s the best advice I can give you. No harsh feelings. :grinning:


All in all, I would suggest playing less memetic/fun, more competitive decks firstly to gather some spirit. Believe me, I know this creative urge, I had it from the very beginning, I wanted to create something outstanding. But truth is more boring archetypes are better to progress fast.

I don’t mean that you should stop thinking, dreaming, memeing and breathing. I just want to point out that having fun with unorthdox decks is mostly for veteran players, sadly. At the beginning of your career you should mostly concentrate on gathering enough resources for future fun.

Maybe @miguelosz could disapprove of my point, he could be a memer from the start, but I’m quite sure I’m generally right.

What I suggest is finding at least semi competitive archetype you like, and play it. Netdeck, maybe.



Nah I think it’s very important to “git gud” a bit before you’re really able to meme effectively. Abyss for example has many strong and fun-to-play general archetypes like hyperswarm, Obliterate Creep and Midrange/dying wish Maehv, it’s definitely better to get comfortable with using at least one of those (mine were hyper-/midrange swarm), before trying to invent something completely new :slight_smile: Aggro Cass is also always strong but the strongest variants are not that fun imo.


I decided to craft alcuin since i think i can get more value out of him with this deck. But i have 2 questions;
1.if i darkfire sacrifice alcuin do i get darkfire sacrifice back?
2.If i nether summoning alcuin do i get it back too?
Please suggest what would you remove and what would you add to this deck

  1. No, Alcuin dies before the end of turn (or did you mean if you ramp him out? Then yes). 2. Yes you do, if it was your last spell this turn (since he is now alive).

I’d at least remove Echoes for 3x Azure Herald. Void Pulse is also potentially great with Alcuin.