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Rate my xor'xuul deck and suggest change please


Klaxon and Obliterate are creep staples, Grimwar and Crescendo are swarm staples (I prefer Grimwar). Also Vorpal Reaver is a personal favorite of mine that fits into a large variety of decks.

Mindlathe and Nether Summoning are more like tech cards. 2x is fine for the right deck, but I’d go either for the creep or swarm cards above first depending on what you like to play.


today i got gate of the undervault legendary from boss fight spirit orb feels good man. Should i include it in my xor’xuul deck? All the sarlac and gor deaths will grant me deamons


Having the Trial is a wincon and having the Gate is a wincon. You don’t need both at the same time, and you will spread too much if you try to support both.

Also, if you rely on Cassiva BBSing Gors and Sarlacs, I advise Cryptographer.


Spectral Revenant is a reliable late-game threat and out-of-the-norm surprise card to potentially end a game, so it’s worth the 900 spirit if you already have solid win-cons in Abyssian.

On the other hand, Gate to the Undervault is amazingly powerful with Lilithe support, as long as you pack 3x Timekeepers ( ALWAYS ) and 3x Darkfire Sacrifices. Prepare lots of tempo, swarm and card draw, preferably an alternate win-con, and watch enemies run in fear because they chose to remove your gate the last turn but they can’t because Timekeeper activated it 1 turn earlier.


WELCOME TO THE LAND OF MEMES, THE GATEWAY HAS BEEN OPENED FOR YOU. If you want to see some nice Gate memes, you can check @miguelosz thread. There should be some lying around(i think my Gate Xor list aswell)


That happened to me. I had 2 enemy Gates under construction to deal with, started moving towards the second thinking I had a minion and a turn left to break the first.
Surprise Timekeeper!
Lilithe with 2 open Gates to the Undervault can output value real quick, let me tell you.


you only need 1 to insta win but praise the man who pulls off 2 gates


I friended the opponent to congratulate, and she was a she.

Now, serious question: Can someone with some smarts make a deck with Gates to the Undervault and Mirrorims.


[mirror gate]MTozMDEsMjozMTgsMzozNTMsMzoxMTA4OCwzOjExMTM3LDM6MTExMzksMzoxMTE0MSwzOjIwMDQ5LDM6MjAwNTcsMzoyMDA1OSwzOjIwMDcyLDI6MjAyMjcsMzoyMDI3MiwyOjIwMzM0LDM6MzAwNTE=

Just a quick draft. The idea is to distract the opponent by buffed wraithlings while you build your gate.

Shadowdancers to have some healing against burn decks and to counter Trial Maehv.

If you have any questions, or need to substitute smth with cheaper stuff, I’m eager to discuss.


(best Dooly pickup lines, vol. 74):

well hello there… betcha seen a lot of built Gates
Wanna see mine, I’ve got two of them ready for use… come and join me in my Undervault :smirk:


My Maxibuild deck can be found here, maybe you get some Gate ideas from it too :slight_smile: Dark Memes X: To the Memevault!


Why not Chakram over Crown? Frenzy reavers are hell of annoying, also helps with board clear. And while we are at it, I like BOTU in gate, incase they get greedy


Annoying persistent board seems better for me. Also, crown is turn earlier.

I’m thinking of BOTU over Necrotic. Helps countering those annoying Wanderers (especially Reva) and also Fault.


Hmm, I will try out both versions after I get home (since I got my hands on some crowns through lucky opens).


I want to know!


I will post my results on @miguelosz thread.

Miguel's Abyss deck and discussion space

What is happening here in my little humble thread?! :scream:


A explosion of awesome ideas, that’s what! :octopus:


Need help @bepoest @alplod . Too much magmar for me to test safely


:tired_face: Not possible, I don’t have any Gates, I was counting on you to convince me about crafting them later.

I blew all my spirit on bad whiskey and saloon girls @deathsadvocate’s double ramp Dying Wish Unbirth monster. Slowly climbing back from that splurge.