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Rate my xor'xuul deck and suggest change please



So this is the deck i currently crafted which is supprisingly NOT doom deck and NOT infnite creep dmg deck, it is xor’xuul deck. I came up with an idea to fill whole board with gor and sarlac so my enemy can’t play any minions lol. Please rate it from 0 to 10 and suggest what cards would you change for what and why.

Also i have few questions;
1.If I drop Lady Locke and cast Blood Echoes do all my minions get +1/+1 and provoke?
2.If i Necrotic Sphere my own minion does it count to xor’xuul trial?
3.Should I run maehv instead of cassyva?


Never tested it, but I guess they do. And after a trial every revived minion would get provoke during Lady turn.

Yes, it was tested.

Yes, she provides board, which is important.
But you should try both versions, may be you will be the person who makes OP Trial Cass deck :wink:


I need to learn how to do this magic trick with deck overview .png


Go to the bagoum link, click the floppy disk icon above your deck, choose “horizontal”…


Oh thank you now i know for future. So would you make any changes to my deck?


Well, tbh I never made a normal (non Arcanyst) Xor list myself, but:

  1. Shadow Dancer is a main win con. You SHOULD have it regardless of the general.

  2. Theo, Unseven are DEFINITELY unneeded. Get rid of them.

  3. Curve is too high. Usually you want to finish trial fast. Cut some expensive spells.
    Punish is better than Transformation in Cass, btw.

  4. No early game is bad, very bad. Get 6 more 2 mana minions of your choice, regardless of the general, or you will lose on turn3.

I’ll write smth else if I come up with it.


Good job on laying down some essentials; Gor, Sarlac, and Desolator all find nice places in a Xor’Xull deck.

Your next step is to get rid of all the useless cards you only have a single copy of. Not only are these cards unfit to use in a Xor’Xull deck, you won’t be able to use them very consistently if you only have one copy of each. These cards are Lady Locke, Nekomata, Unseven, Theoblue, and Nether summoning.

I would recommend swapping them out for cards such as Azure Horn Shaman, Void Hunter, or even Reaper of the Nine Moons if you want some extra spice. Alcuin Loremaster or Fugitive is also nice if you want to have more consistent Trial progression.

Also, I would personally suggest you take out Dark Transformation and Necrotic Sphere; expensive removal is just out of place in this deck. A set of Ritual Banishing should be enough. Instead, why don’t you try Shadowdancer and Chakram? Shadowdancer really can deal some brutal ping once the Trial is finished, and Chakram even turns the lowly Sarlac into a respectable powerhouse.


I would also recommend you checking

As always, @deathsadvocate has an awesome Xor list, which you may get some ideas from. It’s under Maehv tab.

@halcyon98, I would also argue on Lady Locke’s uselessness. It’s probably non optimal, but it has some pretty funny synergies both before and post trial. I would definitely give it a try, at least for fun.


i.imgur.com/13HO1ex.png something more like this?
I have no idea what 2 mana minions exept gor would fit in my deck. When I cast blood echoes i want it to double all my minions like gor, sarlac and desolator
@halcyon98 here, i included furor chakram and shadowdancer :smiley:

How do i put my picture into my post? Also i miss 2 cards because i had no idea what to put it there. Any suggestions?


You need more 2 drops. More feedback later, my Psychology class is starting.


Dunno, I just download and drag/drop it each time.

Well, give a couple of runs for your new deck. You will probably notice that the opponent just overwhelms you, and kills you before you can kill him, or even before you finish Trial.

If it’s not the case - good. If it is, then you need some minions other than Sarlacs to take a hit.

In Maehv you can transform anything into a 4/4, it’s at least something.

In Cass you spend 1 mana to do nothing, but progress your Trial.

Maybe with this additional removal you have ( I mean you have 6 removal cards) you can have a chance. Just try it, and report what you see.

Now I have to go to sleep, I’ll answer when I can :wink:

Edit. For those 2 cards add 2 healing mystics. You can’t go wrong with healing mystics.


Try some Azure Horn Shamans and Azure Heralds. Pop Azure Horn Shamans with your BBS, and you get a 4/8 Husk. If you’re running low on health because you whipped yourself too much, patch up with Azure Herald.


Did you notice he’s Running Cass with Punish? No popping Shamans, it’s Maehv’s thing.


My mistake! Although I would rather run Maehv.


I just finished 2 games when the whole board was just sarlac and desolator and i left my enemy at 1 hp with 6 desolators in hand. Blood echoes really work wonders when you have 3 gor 3 sarlac and 3 desolators + xor’xuul. I consider crafting next x3 black locust for even more swarm cancer lol


I don’t see how Black Locust would be entirely useless, but it is expensive. I’d reconsider that decision.


Yeah, if you are a new player you’d better not craft any, but essential Legendaries. Black Locust is considered bad and sees COMPLETELY no play.

Why, you ask? Costly, low stats, no immediate impact, removed by basically everything and even then -> what seems exponential progression is actually not. Not before trial at least. Since he dies if attacks almost certainly.


The only time I see GG Locust play is when someone Furor Chakrams with a good board to protect Locust. That’s a wincon with Soulshatter Pact, I’ve ran a pure Chakram Shatter set before with Locust.
That being said, its rarely a reliable wincon, I usually pack loads of other swarms alongside Locust.


ok then what legendary should i craft next for my abyssian? I have 3 variax, 3 desolators, 3 sarlacs, 3 doom and almost all common rare and epic. I was thinking maybe mind lathe, gate of the undervault or nether summoning


If you have everything Abyssian, you could look into Abyssian-applicable neutrals, like if you find some Abyssian lists with Arcanysts, mechs, Reliquarian, or similar. @miguelosz and @deathsadvocate threads are treasure troves.

Some of these Neutrals would be less corner-case than Mind Lathe or more solid than Gate to the Undervault.