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Rate my Bad not Swarm/Mythron Brome


I got 6k spirit. Tell me what to drop.


Drop griffin, Ironcliffe, EMP, Solpiercer, run Aoroura and some good swarm minions, if you want to run midrange I suggest Argeon, brome is more swarm/aggro centric. Keep EMP if you decide to run golems.


Yeah, I agree with @ancientmage that this is more of an Argeon thing.

Or you could take it over to Unlimited and get some afterblazes in there. If there’s one thing Brome and zeal have in common, it’s that they love afterblaze.

Note to self: Build that exact deck. I wanna throw a 7/7 gryphon fledgling at someone.


Save those 6.000 Spirit by dropping the idea of ever successfully running a Divine Bond list. That’d be the best advice that I can give you


Lyonar :wink:  


Well, what are you looking for? Do you just want to win? Do you like certain play styles? At what rank are you competing?

Let’s establish some stuff before you start spending anything.


Not quite sure what to do with the deck tbh. I suppose it’s just “40 good Lyonar cards” at the moment. Win-cons probably just bond on 'Cliffe or Piercer with more than enough spell dodging to be a pain in the ass.

As far as play-styles go, if I wanted to make a better Swarm/Argeon list I’d of post something along those lines. Definitely not trying to play Aroara despite the suggestions of others. I’m also in between Gold/Diamond so looking to compete there.


Disclaimer: I’m just drawing from past experience on this, don’t take me too seriously atm.

Alright then! If you’re set on non-Argeon then I think you need to pick more of a direction with your deck. Marching Orders can be good but the lack of a cantrip when compared to Afterblaze is a húge blow if you don’t want to need Trinity Oath. I think you need to run it and focus your deck around either big body Bond synergy or Zeal synergy. Your deck like it wants to do the latter, and this is what comes to my mind for that deck:

Aegis Barrier on top of Marching Orders seemed like overkill, you can heal your minions with Lifestream so the more survivable Herald seems like the slightly better pick over Mystic (debatable point). Getting Tempest to deal with Artifacts and especially Wraithlings will save your life and Trinity Oath is important for most decks. Alchemist gets you further ping against Artifacts, weenies and Eggs.

I’m not sure how well Solpiercer is going to do in a deck without Aegis Barrier and Afterblaze but I guess you’ll find out and if you just want to ladder we might discuss a more straighforward “play good cards” deck.

Maybe something like that where Spelljammer subs in for Oaths to get more tempo and benefit from Roar. Legion keeps your hand size and ties up threats with Crestfallen.

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