Ranks of the Forum Goers: POLL


I know we know the distribution of all the players in the game as of a few months ago, but I was curious as to the ranks of the Average forum goer.

Please answer honestly and put the rank you achieved during the november season

  • S-Rank-0
  • Diamond - 1-5
  • Gold- 6-10
  • Silver- 11-20
  • Bronze?- 21-30

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What's the highest rank you guys have reached?

But what if I am consistent top50 player (I’m not) that doesn’t want to be in the same category with your average S rank baddies smh :anger_right:


OK, cool. Now I don’t feel so bad lmao


this kind of post though might not be the most accurate thing in the world i think will probably be more accurate than the rank distribution that CPG announces.

namely the one where if a person ever touches rank game they are immediately counted in the statistic. this isn’t realistic because not all people continues to play the game.


This measurement will have a much small ratio of silver and gold than there actually are. Because I feel diamond and S rank players (IE More “devoted” players) are the ones who frequent the forums most.


Is there a way to hide what people voted? I think people would be more honest and likely to participate if all the results were hidden.


yeah there is, but tbh, why lie? Is it really a big deal? no
I dont think many people would lie, except @raqyee who is clearly a bronze 27 noob :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I play Duelyst an average of an hour a day and still have managed to get Gold for November. That’s about as good as I get each season unless I start putting more time into the game. I would love to know what it’s like to compete in Diamond+ tiers. You are all my heroes.



Yeah there really is no reason to lie, but you would be surprised at the lengths that people will go to in order to make themselves seem smarter or better than they are on the internet for total strangers.


not as fun as you think :frowning:
lots of grinding and some really good decks you have to play against


Oh, no doubt. That’s where a lot of good deck lists come from for folks like me who keep reclimbing the Silver ladder.

As an aside, what is the average or guesstimate time spent for folks in Diamond and S-Ranks (and Top 50, @raqyee :wink:)?



It’s better to get less results which are generally true than more which are generally false.


Word up, I find hard to even keep playing once I hit diamond. Decks are just too brutal. I lay down a mean first turn then the next turn the feild is cleared then my oppenent lays down a meam turn and I clear the field. Rinse and repeat until one of us can’t clear/one of us dies.


I took a break for the first half of the month due to the meta being too darn fast. I will probably retire from S-rank and be a casual diamond player, using Duelyst as a means of unwinding from school rather that being too serious.


I tend to play every faction myself :smiley: Though Vet and Abyssian are always my two mainstays.


Ryv, that’s the wrong poll :stuck_out_tongue:


I made it to Rank 13. I’m pretty happy with that in my full season. :smiley: I’m impressed how often it feels like a single, obvious misplay cost me the game - though that’s often an annoying way to lose.


It’s my forum Ill do what I want :wink:


In truth, itsnt it really the community’s forum :relieved:


Besides lies, there’s also voluntary response bias, in the sense that lower ranked people may feel less inclined to respond.