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Ranked SCARZIG deck : Insane?

Right after the expansion release, I crafted 3 scarzigs (because the real @scarzig is a great guy) and made a scarzig deck.

cool screenshot, right ?

It is a ranked deck (so no shim’zar cards) and works pretty well for now (didn’t play a lot with it, I’m still tweaking it but it is actually working !).

Interesting fact, the featherknight scarzig transforms into has celerity, and right after transforming a scarzig it can still move and attack once.

Here’s the deck I’m playing with:

Quick explanation:
You have to use IF and AP to give scarzig a pseudo rushing ability and you buff it with Obscuring Blow / MDS / Killing Edge to kill a minion and to transform all your scarzigs into powerhouses, and you also try to play Mirrorrim to get even more scarzigs in your deck. With Spelljammer, Bakezori, Scroll Bandit and Sojourner you should have your hand full most of the time, and all of those cards have a rather good body which is great for obscuring blow / killing edge + second self. Bandit really shines in this deck as you’re running with 3 IF and 3 AP.


I’m definitely gonna try scarzig as soon as I can.

How good is bakezori now that you tried it out?

Bakezori is pretty good actually, it’s a good alternative to spelljammer in most cases and it can be even better than spelljammer if you already have board control the turn you play it (like if you managed to play an early featherknight).
However I’m not sure if I want to run more because if you don’t have board control, and if your hand is empty, spelljammer is way better. On top of that it’s a 4 mana card making it pretty bad for a KE + Second self combo.

It’s viable on this deck. Can’t say more right now, I need more testing…

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idk why but everytime i see that card a sv voice says “skyknights”

Ok this deck is defo fun to play. I think there’s too many spells tho. It’s very easy to end up without a turn 1 play. Personally, I cut an obsuring blow and Mds. Im testing a bunch of 2 drops but havent come to a conclusion yet. Boar could be good.

Actually the lack of 2 drops isn’t really an issue.
Even if you somehow fall behind on board because you didn’t have anything to play, upon playing the scarzig combo you instantly get a 4/8 which is usually enough to clear another minion. And there is alsothe crazy value you can generate by playing more (buffed) scarzigs. On top of that I’m even playing with Eternity Painters just in the case that I’m behind on board in mid/late game.

Is the version you have posted right now the most up-to-date one, or have you made some modifications since then? I’m not actually planning to play it, but I’ve watched @alplod play it or a version of it and it looks really cool.

I play this more recent version from here:


Ah, thank you @alplod.

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