Ranged Lyonar Decklist


I know that this isn’t going to be very competitive, but I really think this deck is fun. The idea is to use high HP provoke minions to hold you opponent close while you get value out of your ranged units. Yeah there are only like 6 Ranged minions but that is like 6 more than the average deck. Also please note this is a somewhat budget deck.

Ill explain card choices:

General/Spells: Lyonar Argeon was my first choice. HP Minions with provoke and ability to buff ATK. For melee minions, we have chosen mostly low ATK, high Def. BBS makes them able to actually fight.

Beamshock is an excellent tempo card. It literally generates no value but it can lead to some crazy stunts. Denying turn 1 movement of your opponent(3 times in a row is the dream), stunning a minion to give stall an extra turn(think 0 cost repulsor for 1 turn), protecting ranged minions so they can gain distance, there are plenty of applications. At most you usually play 1 or 2 a game. As long as you have some card draw you shouldn’t be finding yourself running out of cards, as the curve is average, and you will want to use your BBS pretty much every turn you can. .

Lasting Judgment can be used for early game removal/ 3 damage buff for trading up/ lethal

Sundrop Elixir I am always on the ropes about. 1 Mana for 5 HP is extremely good value, but lategame (when you need the heals) you will usually have more mana to spend. Most of the time you will cycle this card, but against very aggro decks it can be a lifesaver

Melee Minions: Rock Provoker is good early game for mana tile hogging and can generate tempo. They usually have to trade into it with their general limiting their movement. If they dispel, that is good for you. 1 less dispel for your provokes/ranged

Shiro/Songweaver are good with Rock Provoker. You can also use these if you need to buff a ranged to trade up but your general is too far.

Repulsor is for tempo. Protect a ranged minion, or you know just the standard repulsor stuff.

Ruby Rifter is pretty meh. I just put it in for a little lategame strength/1 card draw

Pandora synergizes extremely well. You can throw her in the mix for body blocking, or if you have board control/are hiding in the corner, you can use her to pump out a wolf pack. Buffed wolves can do a lot of work.

Ranged Minions: You will notice I only have higher health ranged minions. Arrow Whistler has very low ATK, but it is going to survive just about any AoE spell. Also tigers. It also buffs your other ranged, but it really will not matter. You will usually only have 1, maybe a second ranged out. Placing him relatively safe then roaring before backing him off is usually worth it. If ephemeral shrouded, a 2/4 body is still able to contribute on the front lines.

Sworn Avenger is my favorite card in this deck, but he is not that great. I once had an epic game against Cassyva. I was chasing that bitch around the field for several turns. Before I had Emerald Rejuvinators and 3X Sundrop so I had healed up after a Shadow Nova. I knew there were more coming and but I had to keep clearing the board because I was scared of Spec Rev/Nova Lethal. I got S A up to like 11 ATK(a couple roars and attacks) then when I had lethal the next turn he shrouded it. I was trapped in the corner and couldn’t create enough distance. I lost.

Lux Ignis is very sticky. The attack is very low, but you can throw this lizard goat lady practically down on the front lines. 1/5 games she will heal 2 hp on something but that isn’t why we have her. Very good buff target.

Jax is honestly just for fun. I really think I should take him out, but 1/40 games when you are stomping your opponent and he doesn’t have an answer, you will pull off the Jax Truesight into Arrow Whistler combo. It sounds much cooler than it actually is, as it actually doesn’t really do much.

Tips: Something very important to note, is always act like you have divine bond. There really isn’t any reason to not be running it, so your opponent will always assume you have it. This forces them to use removals on your ironcliffes, which are pretty much just meatshield baits.

Early game is extremely important. You need to push aggressively and take as many mana tiles as you can. Even if you use 2 beamshocks in a row it will probably be worth it. With this deck you slam down and take a tempo lead, then fall back and use the ranged. Tempo is extremely important in the early game. Important Early

Also, positioning is more important with this deck than with most others. You need you meatsacks in the fray, your general on the very edge of the fray, and your ranged running for the wall as soon as you drop them.

Beamshock is extremely good against Magmar. If you throw down an Ironcliffe on an empty board, beamshock the general. He can egg morph it, but he needs more mana to summon a rush to pop the egg. Sometimes they will get pissed because they think you have Divine Bond and it will probably be the first time that they have been stunned. I have made 2 people concede from this.

Anyway thanks for reading, if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. Once the expansion drops, I am sure that there will be some major changes. I am specifically hoping for more neutral card draw options, more meatshields, and some unique ranged units.