Ranged Battle Pet Kamikazi?


Ranged Battle pet is the one disappointing thing about the Battle pets. Instead of running away and attacking they go towards the minion and atack them. They pretty much act like Melee. I hope the AI for ranged Battle pets can be fixed .


If the AI got tweaked so they ran away, I think Ion would be too strong. Right now, Ion and Ace are both unplayably bad, but if the ranged pet AI gets changed, their stats would definitely need to be looked at as well.


Yes. Im fine with lowering their stats but the way it is right now is just useless.


Yeah I had a match where it was pretty dumb. I am experimenting with a Ranged Lyonar deck, and I was against Vet. He had a Pyromancer on the board, and my Ion walked up into melee range and traded with it. ;(


But if ai just didn’t suicide into melee or something (stays still) it wouldn’t be op - and they are just trash rn… I think it needs fixing


There was already a thread about this, and yes they’re currently complete garbage. Hopefully they’re changed to at least target further away enemies, even if they don’t run away from ones closing in on them. We can only hope the devs are paying attention to this.