Ranged Battle pet AI, what's the hold-up?


Adding my voice to the throngs of people requesting ranged battle pets move AWAY from enemies on their turn, not toward. This is a broken game mechanic that breaks your whole expansion pack with a two line code fix… why is it taking so long?


Oh, what’s taking so long to change it? Because it’s working as intended ^^


It has been said before, but consistency is equally important. Battle pets share the common and understandable AI of

  1. Move to attack enemy
  2. If enemy is adjacent, skip step 1
  3. Attack enemy

Making ranged battle pets go against this would be useful, aye, but it would also be confusing in game. There would be no indication that ranged pets work differently.

Also, if you think it’s a two line code fix, then you don’t know coding.


So they are supposed to be suicidal and useless so no one ever would consider using them? Cool, thanks for the info. Just sold my ranged battle pet.


Admittedly, but its a basic fix nonetheless. It’s not like they would have to re-invent the wheel to reverse a movement behavior.


Hi there, it was a tough choice before Shimzar launched which way we wanted to go with it, we understand they are arguably less useful because they move towards the enemy, but we decided to go with consistency so that they all worked the same.


Would it help if the 1 and 2 switched positions (and “adjacent” changed to “in range of an attack”)? It would basically turn the ranged pets into little turrets (until dispelled), it’s not running away but it’s still better than suicide, I think. I mean, Rok is not moving for reasons and nobody is questioning that.


Why did you not just make the battle pets not move and attack if they have a target in range (instead of adjacent tile)? It would change nothing for the melee pets but prevent the ranged ones to move towards threat and still be consistent. (Sorry for my bad english…)


I would agree that adding Rok’s visual text of “Cannot Move” would be an extremely easy fix to the issue. Programming-wise requires more than just front-text though.

Would still be a nice change.


It’s a shame that you essentially decided to relegate all ranged battle pets to uselessness. Not a single one is worth the spirit.


;_; My dreams


Consistency is the hobgoblin of small-minded men. Thanks for the reply though and thanks for making a great game :slight_smile:


you can just put “cannot move” keyword in every single ranged pets.

it would satisfy the consistency while still making them more useful. @Ryvirath


The new songhai ninja turtle meta is coming :wink:


I don’t think that decision was wrong. The balancing of ranged battle pets just has to reflect that - right now, ace’s stats on that rule set aren’t even worth 0 mana.


This is why sand trap needs to be applicable to ALL minions, not just enemies. It might seem narrow minded, but it wouldn’t be the first time that something in vet was made to support a single thing :hugging:


And you waste 2 card slot to use a ranged battlepet 2/3?

That’s the meme


Kind of hoping it’s changed so they only move 1 tile towards the enemy. It’s a compromise that still keeps ranged pets dumb, but more useful than just rushing to their death.

Ranged attacks are completely different from normal attacks, they are inconsistent no matter what. If you need logic for this rule; Ranged pets that aren’t near an enemy will move towards the enemy, but they don’t need to move 2 spaces to get into attacking range so they stop after 1.


Can we just be honest and state NO ranged battle pets are worth any mana… which is why, in point of fact, no one pays any mana to play them. But that is besides the point because it is working as intended. Consistency of battle pet AI is of paramount importance because… reasons. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. It’s called blind faith. I’ve joined the choir and I’m preaching that ignorance is in fact bliss. Join me brethren and can I get an amen. I’m determined to have the final word on this issue. Until they lock me down and thorzine me. Any takers?


Meanwhile as they slap about random minions or generals upon their own choosing. :slight_smile:

Gotta appreciate that consistency haha.

Actually…if Battle Pets prioritized generals over minions or minions over generals, even that little touch could be nice…generals makes the most sense to me I think…