Random Music Thread


Nothing but the most soothing of tunes for you all.

I’ve actually been madly obsessed with this soundtrack since I played it when I was younger.


Hey look at my taste of music :>>>>>>>>> (just kidding its trash but hey)








This should count as music? It’s certainly entertaining to listen to especially if you’ve read some of the other scp cases


Oh hey look, it’s the girl from the lofi study stream except she has a different cat and it’s daytime


God, I love this thread, but my laptop can’t handle all the videos on here




Eat your vegetables!


Oh and here’s an interesting one:

Same song for all the remakes!


Smoke big ol doinks.


This is my fav. soundtrack of all time.
As the last chapter progresses,the music changes.First new faster tracks come,than towards the end new slower tracks play to represent the exhaustian the long climb caused and how the end is near with the characters questioning everything they have done.It is sure that once they reached their goal,they won,t make it back.

For those that wan,t to know the context:This is a free dlc chapter after the normal story.
At the end liam plans to commit genocide to start a rebellion against the tyrannical and racistical federation.
You have the choice to stop him which causes a age of peace that is build upong terror and slavery or to allow him to commit genocide which brings freedom at the expensve of a unending war.
This dlc plays after the choice of stopping liam.20 years later the federation reigns supreme…liam brings everyone together for one last journey.
Burden,the main character,is trapped in a unending timeloop but he only remembers that moments before his final fight with liam.
At the top of the mountain,on a secret planet that bears secrets of an alien race that is closely linked with time is the opportunity for liam to speak with burden(burden jumped into the void after his decision) to o tell him about the horros the federation commited and that burden must allow liam to commit genocide.
Burden does and as a result a eternal war for freedom breaks out.
20years later liam is the leader of the rebelllion but he regrets his decision as the war is unending and not worth the freedom in his opinion.
No matter which choice,the endresult will make liam seeking to convince burden to make the other choice.

The ost during their final fight is also epic

The Purification Crusade



EDM is saved.


Best cover ever fite me
Petition to make this the official in-game version because it’s superior in every way

Apparently this is some sort of CD exclusive from the new album. I am quite sad that I can’t spam this on Spotify/Soundcloud during my morning commute.