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Random Music Thread



If you haven’t heard of the Divinity Original Sin 2 soundtrack i highly recommend listening to it. The songs are beautiful.

Then there’s this amazing soundtrack

The darkest dungeon ones are a little heavier but they’re still really good.


Wait, i forgot one from D:OS2



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Awesome…another timeless thread.

Anyone request this? Or was someone just being benevolent…


I requested ThanatosNoa to unlock this.

I will put up the soundcloud version tomorrow.


Good. Thank you. I love this thread. I still have trouble remembering the 5 day limit on new threads these days.


Have I ever told you how awesome you are?


Awww, thanks! :heart:


:thonk: Not finding how to remove the 5 day lock on this, but if it locks up again just ping/pm me and I’ll unlock this; I find no harm in keeping this one open for peeps to share their music :+1:


Thanks a lot, really happy that you decided to do this!


my two amateur made music


on a more serious note whats a music list without bleach ost best tracks of all time to give you goosebumps yes im a bleach fan watched entire series 3 times in my lifetime


If it doesn’t say thread will close in X days at the bottom, then it has no expiration…until it goes over 10,000 and/or a mod closes it.

My guess is that there is some code execution that happens when a mod reopens a thread that makes the time limit disappear.

…you know, because it must be worth it. :rofl:



because you dont know orgasmic until you play strategos brome to this