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Weird West is such an under-appreciated aesthetic. At least there are Southern Gothabilly bands like Ghoultown now.


This song is a state of mind.


Necro edit:

@ThanatosNoa I was about to post here, then I found out that it was locked so do you mind unlocking it?






J cole - get up

J cole - change

Acdc - shoot to thrill

Burdon in my hand - soundgarden

Wrong side of heaven - ffdp


P.s - o don’t know how to upload like a youtube thingy, sorry in advance.


h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfgmMPke7_k

h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWjavxcGfqM

I added spaces between the h’s and t’s at the beginning to stop the links from appearing as videos, for demonstration purposes. All you should need to do is paste the links exactly as they come out of the address bar, and they should become videos. Feel free to try editing your post and seeing if you can get it to work, or not, either way.


Another you could do is just have separate lines for each link and then put a space before the address starts so that people can still click on the link, but the video won’t pop up.






Eh, Nightwish! My lab partner told me about them. Great excersize music.


Hmmm… well @excogitator, if you like Nightwish I highly recommend Delain and Within Temptation.



who remembers this gem of a flash game soundtrack



Getting on the weirder side of the music I listen to.