Random Music Thread



Dance & techno, my favs
Any Feedback is appreciated


Austin Wintory did some amazing work, see for yourself!

(I like how he comments on the work in this one. It’s a nice slice of perspective)

I have to admit, what drew me to this game was the magnificent Vignette: Panacea you hear in the beginning though it still took me a year or two to convince myself to buy it. Huh, i’m starting to see a trend here…

Fun fact; I actually got this from a ps3 bundle for valiant hearts and one of the rayman games. Still, I’d recommend playing it as it was a fun experience with a nice little story too

Meant to play this, but I found Hollow Knight and FTL so it’s just sitting here in my laptop until further notice :sweat_smile:


Here’s my daily song spam. These are mostly happy or bittersweet songs that don’t excite you like typical EDM would, but would just feel good.


I’d like to participate with a nice melancholic song from a Russian band



Been playing a lot of the new Dissidia game and I gotta say, this remake of FFIX’s Something to Protect is fantastic.


FF music tends to be good and personally I haven’t heard a bad remake, cover or remix of any FF music yet.


These guys are really good. Thanks for the music!




Another random dump joins the pack!


epic boss music


You don’t know epic music until you hit a cucco five times.


Im a simple man. I see Hollow knight, i press like. Also, this track is quite cool




you guys know about that Anaconda Chobits mash-up? i cant find it again for the life of me


did somebody say MASHUPS